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Hi everybody, as a new member, i thought i would just say hello and introduce myself. my name is Tref, im 55 and have been a Madonna fan since I was a teenager back in 1982 and I love Madonna just as much now as I did back then. Of course I have been a fan of many other pop/rock stars over the years namely.... Kylie, Prince,  A-ha, Bon Jovi, MJ, JJ, Duran Duran to name just a few, but I have always seen Madonna as the best, most interesting of them all, sure Kylie may have Cant Get you Out Of My Head and most recently Padam Padam, but Maddy has Vogue, Express Yourself, Holiday, Open Your Heart, True Blue, Material Girl among others and she is the only one who really knows the answer to the question Wheres The Party (in her house of course)! so to my mind she wins the queens crown and Kylie must remain the Princess. X

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