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  1. I thought about it many times and I have this fantasy Madonna doing a movie about the life of Melina Mercouri. The more I think about it the more realistic it seems to me. I can't imagine anyone else playing this role. After ''Evita'' could it be ''Melina''? The 1st feminist movie by Melina called ''Stella'' had amazing impact in the society. Also the entry in Cannes that lost the award for political reasons. Her amazing struggle all over the world against the dictatorship. Tones of elements, evidence and art to work for.
  2. Hello to all friends and Madonna lovers I want to get your attention considering the latest homophobic attack that took place in Mykonos, Greece. I saw it on british newspapers and in gay blogs/magazines. As a Greek gay I really feel ashamed and hope the couple will be healthy and back to everyday life soon. But it's also important that this guy is found and arrested, otherwise he will keep doing the same thing over and over. If you can spread the news and help raise interest considering homophobic attacks in Greece. Even a post on Twitter or facebook would be ideal. We got a leftwing government now, which supports gay rights and also did the cohabitation agreement for gay people, but still the neonazis are in the Greek parliament. It's such a shame for Greek culture as a symbol of democracy. I hope for your support. Thank you in advance Jim
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