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  1. Today is my Birthday!! Happy Birthday To Meeee. 22!!!

    1. humanfly


      Happy birthday!

    2. Fabiano86


      Thank you very much :D

  2. Yeah, I found out how that signature stuff works ;D Desperately Seeking Susan FTW

  3. I ordered a sealed Copy of the Madonna Celebration 4LP Vinyl... Damn that costed me a fortune :o

  4. I am holding my Concert TIX for Cologne in my hands!!!!!! Thanks mailman, I should have kissed you XD

  5. Got my TICKETS for COLOGNE ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. If there should be anybody out there, who is giving up their vinyl colection, I'd be interested in Purchasing the Madonna Celeration 4LP & the Madonna Broken 12" :*

  7. I cannot wait till the presale for CGN starts!!!!!!!! Is it Tues, Mar 10 @ 11am Local Time .... Does this mean local Berlin time ? ^^ LOVE

  8. Hey Madonna fans, I'm new out here, but a longtime MADONNA Fan. Nice to meet you :D