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  1. Good morning everyone.  Thank you for all the kind messages and love I’ve received from you since my Beloved Husband’s death last week, Dec 3rd, 2018.  Jerry loved to lip sync to Vogue, and I have no doubt he is performing that in Heaven every day . ????

  2. It might sound like I'm an Unapologetic ***CENSORED***!

  3. I sleep much better at night, I feel closer to the light

  4. It's so hard to find, someone to admire

  5. Say what you like, do what you feel...you know exactly who you are!

  6. If there's excitement, put me in it!

  7. You can't buy this at no luxury store

  8. How high are the stakes, how much fortune can you make?

  9. We gotta have fun if that's all that we do!

  10. I know you're scared tonight

  11. Yellow brick highway, paparazzi pile up on the high road

  12. Don't sit there like some silly girl!

  13. Like stars we're burning so bright!

  14. In a world that's changing, I'm a stranger in a strange land

  15. Even with no light, we're gonna shine like gold!