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  1. Thank you for your reply.....

  2. I don't think a man should need viagra pills...he's a man..
  3. I thank Madonna for her extraordinary effort of entertaining us all these years..Madonna's efforts are not to be taken for granted as she works very hard.
  4. Yes, she is...We should all appreciate the years of hard work she has given to entertain us..
  5. Antara

    Rebel Heart CD

    I like all Madonna's songs and music..some a little better than others..her movie acting is terrific..
  6. My favorites are all the MDNA songs, Madonna Erotica and all the Evita music..
  7. Try to contact the Madonna On Line Store to see if Madonna may have this type of photo for sale..
  8. Madonna is a hard driving, hard working person; so she does succeed...
  9. I had wished I didn't live 3,000 miles from this location....I really wanted to attend.
  10. I have nice shirts of Madonna and her DVD MDNA....all great items..
  11. Madonna trats all people justly; as everyone should do.
  12. Madonna does travel to many parts of the world as her World Tours take her there...She's a great entertainer..
  13. Antara

    New album in soon...

    Madonna will appear soon as I've stated in other areas of our fan site..
  14. Antara


    We must be patient...MDNA was demanding for Madonna...She will return..
  15. Antara

    Madonna New Album

    I think possibly in 2015, Madonna will reappear new album and another tour..
  16. This is not good for the entertainment world, when any kind of deception exists.....Madonna would never approve...
  17. Madonna is great; she has much ambition....Good Luck in all your endeavors, M...
  18. I wish Madonna for a safe trip to wherever in the world she travels..
  19. Antara

    New Year

    I agree; though New Year's is gone now; may Madonna receive the best she has earned..
  20. Antara

    New Album? Can be?

    Madonna probably will release an album before she goes on her next tour..
  21. My fantatic woman. I love you....Does this relate to Madonna?
  22. I understand Madonna is liberal to interracial and same sex friendships and marriages..
  23. I never thought of Madonna to be prejudice to anyone...She was probably just joking..
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