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genre: deep techno, micro house, deep house, dark house, etc.

Alexander Rext

Alexander - artist, musician, was born on the 23rd of January 1981, in Russia. Not only is he an artist, but also a multi-talented, atypical man. His works are full of life and emotion. There isn’t a particular artistic style by which Alex is bound. Each and every painting is guaranteed to bring You a sliver of happiness, along with a lasting moment of joy and refinement; or a simple sense of satisfaction and refinement. In the past few years, Alex’s work ahs been featured in a few exhibitions in Moscow.

Specialized secondary, Several years of study at the Kotov Art School, Private lessons of a graduate of the Moscow Art and Industry Academy named after SG Stroganov, Free lectures on Modern Art Problems



2017 - Photo Project “Inspired by“ Andy Warhol "" Academy of Photography".

2017 - Collective Charity exhibition “Year of the Dogs”, organizer and curator Katya Bermant, Gallery “Rosa Azora” Moscow.

2016 - Personal exhibition "ART45" Exhibition of works in "Bar 45" on Gogol Boulevard, Moscow.

2016 - Collective Charity exhibition "Fish Day" organizer Katya Bermant, Gallery "Rosa Azora".

2016 - Personal exhibition “Seven Colors of the Night” (Halloween Party) Exhibition of works in Normandie-Neman, Moscow.

2014 - Personal exhibition "Seven Colors of the Night" - an exhibition of works in the foyer of the Theater. V. Mayakovsky - Scene on Sretenka, as part of the Art Night, Moscow.

2014 - Personal exhibition of works in the art gallery "Mexican Club" TG "Fashion Season", Moscow.

2013 - exhibition and sale of works in the shopping center. Dream House, MIURA Gallery, Barvikha, Moscow.

2012 - "ART ULTRA" (series of works "BIO-Electrical World") - exhibition of works of the cafe-club "WORKSHOP" in the framework of the concert of the group "J.A.Jazz". Moscow.

2012 - exhibition of works within the LED show "Infinity Lighte". Moscow.

2011 - Exhibition of works on the day of the city of Moscow "Boulevards of Moscow" org. ARTMOL.

2011 - exhibition of works, design factory "FLACON", project "ETVIR". Moscow.

2011 - "BIO-Electrical World" exhibition of works, "PROJECT FABRIKA", org. "ARTMOL". Moscow.

2008-2015 - Personal exhibition of paintings in the shopping center. "Crocus City Mall" art cafe "LUIGI". Moscow. Less



- At the age of 13 I painted a self-portrait through the mirror

- At the age of 18 I made and sewed clothes for myself and my friends.

- At the age of 20, I left my hometown Akhtubinsk, on the banks of the Volga, the Astrakhan Region, and moved to Moscow.

- In 2004, I helped the French artist at the exhibition of Yves Clerk, French artist, born 1947, we are friends.

- In 2006, for the first time I applied my creative abilities in making cappuccino and serving desserts, painting dishes and coffee with berries and chocolate filling.

- In the period from 2012 to 2016 he took part in performances, filming and concerts, created posters for the theater actress. named after V. Mayakovsky, Anna Bagmet.

- 2012 - project-performance "PRO Strange" Theater. Vl. Mayakovsky (on the 90th anniversary of the Mayakovsky Theater) - actor and artist: the make-up of the participants. Moscow

- 2013 - DIRK BIKKEMBERGS “Exclusive Fluo Party” - body art and the creation of prints on clothes with fluorescent dyes for presentation to guests. Central Department Store, Petrovka 2, Moscow.

- 2013 - Design of posters and author masks for actors. "LIR" Shakespeare's tragedy. Moscow-Berlin. Based on the plays of William Shakespeare "King Lear", "Hamlet". Director - Igor Pekhovich. Taganka Theater. Moscow.

- From 2014-2017 - Created posters and illustrations for the restaurant-bistro "Normandie-Neman" as well as photography and food photography for the web site and menu and the creation of the logo "Normandie-Neman".

- 2015 - "Flywood Work Shop" Master-class on the manufacture and design of skateboards and longboards on ter. PROEKT FABRIKA, Moscow.

- 2016 - “SAMNAMBULA” shooting clip for N-Ton & I Diggidy - artist.

- 2017 - short film “SUPERHERO” Directed by: Marina Cherry. The premiere of the film took place at the 39th Moscow International Film Festival (2017) - illustration artist.

- 2017 - Print for the French brand “La ROBE”. The designer uses the artist's logo on clothes.

- In 2018-2019 - worked as a photographer on the 
"Winter Campus" Living Psychology Club - video, photo portrait photography, editing. Cyprus. Less


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