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    Aussie girl living in Bali.. Love Madonna, Music, Lady Gaga,Travel, Cooking,Tattoo's, Island Life, Working Out, Photography, Cocktails, Sun Surf & Sex ;)
  1. 47 sleeps.. can't wait!!! :)

  2. hope you have an awesome day!

  3. Hi Libby

    Yes I am going to Edinburgh and London to see MDNA. Never got tickets for GaGa in the UK as they sold out in less than an hour and I was too late. I expect to get one from ebay or more dates to be announced as well.

    Jamie xoxo

  4. Hi there, yes I'm going to see M in Hyde Park with my sister (she's also a fan!). What concerts are you seeing her? I've also ordered a ticket for Paris and Birmingham. I wish she was doing more arena in the UK- hopefully she'll tour again next year or year after with a Greatest Hits tour!

  5. Thanks for the add :) Lib xx

  6. Thanks for the add sweetie.. are you going to the MDNA tour? Lib xox

  7. Hi there, thanks for the add on! x

  8. Thanks for the add & stars sweetie.. enjoy your week :) xox

  9. thanks sweetie hugs and love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Thanks for the add Jamie :) Yes! I wouldn't miss the MDNA tour for anything! I got tickets yesterday for her show in Nice, France in August, I'm sooo excited, even if it means travelling 25,000km's!! Are you going?? And to add to my excitement, I'm off to the Born This Way Ball next month Yay :))) Libby xxx

  11. 5 stars for you my new friend.

    Are you going to MDNA tour?

    Jamie xoxo

  12. 120 sleeps!! :) Time goes by so slowly..

  13. thanks for the add sweetie :) xxx

  14. thanks for adding me as a new friend beautifull hugs and love:)