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    Madonna is love!
  1. This song is the kind that reminds me of the first cd I got from the madonna which was imaculate colection. I got from my mother. This song reminds me of Madonna in all respects, it reminds me of the best and it saves me from any bad thought ... it's like flying with a smile on her lips.

  2. opa, Brasil finalmente.beijos pra vc.

  3. Give me all your loveeee... Luv luv luv madonna!!! AMAZING You is my Queen

  4. Too good to be here finally. I'm in the book of S & S tour by Guy Osery. single guy with a yellow t shirt which gave me luck, I love you Guy, thank you for photographing Madonna and thank you for making my dream since the girlie, I saw only on TV. When I fell in love with vc.My English is bad, sorry, but I will learn.