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  1. Happy Birthday I wish you Madonna. You have a beautifull life. Live good and healthy in the comming years. Say hello to family and friends. Meet your fan and they will make you happy. You are the best singer in the world. You made my live happy.
  2. Madonna has been the greatest of all times on the earth. She has had fantastic style and art. Now Madonna talkes about Rebel Heart and she might be a rebel. To have and not to hold is a special and right culture for Madonna. She will have this form and function and doing. The human sight in feeling and spirit. ‚Äč
  3. It must be very difficult to have such a job and position. I look forward to the day, that madonna uses my designs.
  4. I think that Madonna is fighting for freedom and human conditions, her music is against the tormented room, the bad slavery for the human. Her music is very beautifull and the meaning is fantastic beautifull.
  5. I think, that Madonnas new interest, fashion and design is very good. She can really give the world something,fashion, style, design, and culture. She has designed a collection of sunglasses. I think, that people look forward to new ideas from the popqueen Madonna.
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