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  1. 10. Madonna, “Vogue.” Much has been written (specifically on this site) about the cultural impact of the appropriation of queer and nonwhite motifs in Madonna’s “Vogue,” so I’ll focus instead on the song’s musical archaeology and influence. Lest I completely ignore its substance, Madonna’s message is clear (“Beauty is where you find it”), but the track’s origins are part and parcel with its star’s mining of gay club trends and Old Hollywood: Inspired by the Salsoul Orchestra’s “Ooh, I Love It (Love Break)” by way of Danny Krivit’s remix of MFSB’s “Love Is the Message,” the song has a family tree that even includes producer/DJ Shep Pettibone’s remix of Janet Jackson’s “Miss You Much” and serves as a sort of musical map of disco. Pettibone recorded “Vogue” with Madonna as a B-side for her single “Keep It Together,” making its impact all the more impressive (it would go on to inspire a glut of pop-house copycats) and begging the question: If disco died a decade earlier, what the ***CENSORED*** was this big, gay, fuscia drag-queen boa of a dance song sitting on top of the charts for a month for? 16. Madonna, “Ray of Light.” Once the Material Girl made it her mission to bring electronica to the masses, she could have named her collaborator. Her decision to work with William Orbit shows that, for all the flack she’s faced for “appropriation,” her interest in underground dance music is deep and not wholly commercial. Madonna discovered techno just as she turned 40 and took up Kabbalah, and listening to “Ray of Light,” it’s easy to imagine Madonna finding in rave culture not just a new image, but a way of expressing her spiritual awakening. The beat is restless and Madonna sings breathlessly, but she exudes contentment: “I feel like I just got home!” Her emotional warmth is what establishes the song as a standout single even in a catalogue as replete with classics as Madonna’s. 34. Madonna, “Erotica.” Madonna accepts the burden of her throaty, spent-from-touring voice, which makes Erotica’s taunting, aggressive lyrics—an elaborate exploration of sex, from seduction to disease—feel unmistakably honest. The title track, whose opening put-a-record-on scratchiness mirrors that of Madonna’s most divisive instrument, is the singer’s invitation to the dance, a slithering, sinister snake rising from a gaudily ornate chalice. The beats are, by design, hypnotic—at once alluring and devious. With “Erotica,” Madonna promises to get you off, but not without giving you something. 36. Madonna, “Deeper and Deeper.” Among Madonna’s finest achievements, the angsty pop anthem “Deeper and Deeper” is both an acute distillation of Erotica’s smut-glam decadence and the singer’s lifelong blond ambition. The song, like its video, practically plays out as an autobiography of the singer’s life: Atop sambalicious disco, Madonna delivers a burning, poignant fairy tale of yearning and escape in which she plays both Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. Armond White once praised Madonna for how she took “outsider art inside herself”—which is to say, justified it by personalizing it. The uncontrolled, fierce tension of the song derives from the feeling that Madonna is taking a plunge into some hedonistic abyss of her own liberated, uninhibited making. 42. Madonna, “Secret.” Despite the common misconception that she often sings about sex, Madonna’s songs aren’t always sexy. “Secret” is perhaps the finest exception to that rule. As it slinks along a simple R&B backbeat and an unfussy acoustic guitar figure, “Secret” is also one of the most organic-sounding singles of Madonna’s career, taking its sweet time to get where it’s going and not giving up too much along the way. The arrangement gets off on being withholding, and, at least for one glorious single, so does Madonna: When she sings, “You knew all along/What I never wanted to say,” she sounds positively rapturous.
  2. Laura Levine contacted us at Madonnarama with quite an interesting time limited offer. Here’s what she wrote… I’m releasing one of my favorite photographs – Madonna, NYC, 1982 – as a signed limited edition archival pigment ink print. Madonna and I did an extended portrait session in my Chinatown apartment back in 1982 for Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine. This was right before her debut album and first single (Everybody) were about to be released. She arrived by herself and we spent the next several hours shooting away. She was very professional, open-minded, and a terrific collaborator. Between now and the end of January I am pleased to offer this fine art print at a very special price to my friends and collectors. Madonna, NYC, 1982 by Laura Levine is available in three sizes: 8 x 10 inches – edition limited to 100 ($95. + 10 US shipping) 11 x 14 inches – edition limited to 75 ($200. +15 US shipping) 16 x 20 inches – edition limited to 50 ($350. +20 US shipping) Each archival pigment ink fine art print in this limited edition is printed on Cansone Platine Fibre Rag paper and is hand-signed and titled by the photographer in ink on the front. I’ve been working with a master printer whose work is exceptional and quite honestly you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference between one of these luscious archival prints and a traditional silver gelatin print. Please click here to place your order: (International orders, please email us first for shipping rates.) This introductory offer is only for a limited time. After January 31, 2011, the print will be available at its regular price, which will be $250, $350. and $500. Gelatin silver prints are also available, starting at $1200. Please allow three weeks for delivery. Thanks; madonnarama.com
  3. Who has been your favorite artist to work with? Tracy Young: It’s hard to pick a favorite. [but] I would have to say Madonna. She is someone I really admire, look up to musically and career-wise. Every choice Madonna has made is mind-blowing to me. Was DJing her wedding a highlight of your career? It was symbolic in some ways. I am in a field where you hear “No” a lot, especially because of my gender. So when Madonna and I started working together, it was like, “Yeah, I did it.” And her wedding was an honor to perform at because I felt like she trusted me [with] one of the biggest days of her life. I was completely honored and, to be honest, really nervous. By Chatty Kathy, on December 21st, 2010
  4. It was a moment that stands out in Michael Parkinson’s 37 years of interviewing the rich, the famous, the powerful, the talented and the bizarre. After years of pursuing her, in 2005 Madonna finally agreed to appear on Parkinson. She appeared at the top of the stairs in skin-tight jeans, boots and with her muscular arms on display in a sleeveless red top. Her blonde hair was blow-dried to perfection and as the Parkinson theme tune played she confidently took her seat opposite her host. Here’s what the host had to say about the Queen of Pop… Source : The Herald Sun Thanks: madonnarama.com Read more: http://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2010/12/18/michael-parkinson-madonna-was-absolutely-brilliant/#ixzz18aBbFcdQ
  5. American actor David Harbour (Quantum of Solace, Revolutionary Road…) talks Madonna to Broadway.com Thanks to madonnarama.com
  6. Madonna’s Revolver gets a Grammy Nomination 93. Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical A Remixer’s Award. (Artists names appear in parentheses for identification.) Singles or Tracks only. Fantasy (Morgan Page Remix) Morgan Page, remixer (Nadia Ali) [smile In Bed] Funk Nasty (Wolfgang Gartner Remix Edit) Wolfgang Gartner, remixer (Andy Caldwell Featuring Gram’ma Funk) [uno Recordings] Orpheus (Quiet Carnival) (Funk Generation Mix) Mike Rizzo, remixer (Sergio Mendes) [Concord] Revolver (David Guetta’s One Love Club Remix) David Guetta, remixer (Madonna) [Warner Bros.] Sweet Disposition (Axwell & Dirty South Remix) Axel Hedfors & Dragan Roganovic, remixers (The Temper Trap) [Glassnote/Columbia Records]
  7. - What made you decide to enter the fitness industry? I’ve spent my whole carrer being dedicated to health, training and spirituality and during that time I’ve worked in hundreds of gyms, studies and with the best trainers and dancers in the world. From those experiences I’ve developed a strong vision of what the atmosphere for the ideal training is, and that we’ve transformed into a reality with Hard Candy Fitness. - You’ve been in shape for decades, How important is training in your life style and how has your personal regimen changed through the years? Health, exercise and spirituality are essencial in my life. I think our bodies are a gift and we must do everything in our reach to take care of them. Also, I think that the more I make myself be better and stronger, I can inspire others to do the same, through my fitness clubs. When I speak about exercise, I’ve tried everything and I know what works and what doesn’t. - Why start in Mexico? Mexico City was one of the Sticky & Sweet Tour stops. I loved the energy of people and their eclectic vibe. Being close, relatively, from the United States, makes me able to be more involved in every step of the development of the creation of the brand, wich makes it ideal for the launch of Hard Candy Fitness. Our objective is to use Mexico as a location to synchronize our brand, and that way expand to other countries and, in the long run, develop a global brand that will include the United States. - How involved are you or will you be in its dialy operations? I’ve been involved in every step of the process, starting from the name, the logo, the entity of the brand, and the interior and exterior design. My main objective is to create the ideal atmosphere to inspire our members to think of the results. I’ve had an important participation in the global development, and in all the details of the programs and the training. I want our members to love the club, but I also want them to have results, after all, “Harder is better”. - What kind of programs can members encounter in Hard Candy that they won’t find in other places? For years I’ve tried hundreds of disciplines, methods and different modalities. From my experiences I’ve created dozens of specialized classes to inspire people to sculpt their bodies. I believe in connecting with the body, the mind and the soul. Members can find our distinction in the classes, themes and the relationship there is with my carrer and my passion to be in shape. - How expensive will the construction of Hard Candy Fitness be? If any of you has been in one of my shows, you’ll know that I spare no expense in any of them and the same thing happens with the gym. We’ve spent the necessary to make a first class gym at a world level. All the gyms will have a wide program of training, personal assistance from the staff, so everyone ends up being “Eye Candy”; first class cardio equipment, the Hard Candy bar, lighting and sound equipment to help motivate people; music and art chosen by me, from my favourite artists. There will also be a sauna room and steam, like a first class spa, and the same with the pools, also the website and the trainers will be connected through a unique platform, dotFit.com, to give all the users a program of calorie burning per exercise, wich works as a great tool for members, who will be a part of the Hard Candy virtual gym. - Why did you chose the name Hard Candy? It was the name of my most recent album, and I loved it and decided it would be the perfect way to mix the definitions of “Hard Body” and “Eye Candy”. So we created the idea of “Harder is better”, because it’s true. Its a sexy brand that gives you the opportunity to have fun, making an effort as big as your imagination allows you to. - How is the acceptance for the gym going in Mexico, how are you promoting the brand? We are just starting, but the response has been fantastic. The demand has been important and there has been a lot of subscriptions that have surpassed our initial projection. We are extremely trustful with the development and the results. - Will you exercise on the gym in case you are near the place, and where do you work out now? As I said before, I am completely immersed with the company. In fact, I will give a presentation class in the club. I’m planning in visiting franchises and participating in active form, when all of them exist. Translation by Madonna-Infinity.com
  8. Forbes have published a new list naming the Richest Women in Showbiz - Madonna comes in at #5 on the list: It's Oprah Winfrey all the way again, as far as the richest women in showbiz world goes, according to the latest Forbes list. Oprah Winfrey Hollywood Oprah's earnings grossed at $324 million according to a list released by Forbes recently. The second in the list is Beyonce who made $89 million. There is a difference of a vast $235 milion between the two. In fact, if the earnings of the next five in the lists are added up, Oprah is still likely to top all of them. The television host is reportedly making more than her rival talk show hosts like David Letterman, Jay Leno and Conan O' Brien. Britney Spears occupies the third position with $65 million. Lady Gaga, who is fourth, reported earnings of $64.5 million. Her money has pushed Madonna to the fifth slot with $59.9 million. Miley Cyrus is the youngest earner in the list at seventh position with a take-in of $48.4 million. Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift are first-timers on the list. Another interesting fact that comes out from the Forbes list is that half of the Hollywood top earners are below 30. Sandra Bullock and Ellen DeGeneres also make the list.
  9. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s new lingerie collection is about to be released. The first images are emerging… very conical and very Madonna… Have a look…....
  10. HomeMadgeTribe ForumMadonna.comMadonna To Open "Hard Candy" Fitness Centers Around The WorldPosted by Sylar On Monday, October 25, 2010 0 comments MADONNA TO OPEN HARD CANDY FITNESS CENTERS AROUND THE WORLD - First To Open in Mexico City - Madonna To Attend Opening on November 29 - Enrollment Center Now Open For Memberships October 25, 2010 (Mexico City) – Madonna in partnership with her manager Guy Oseary and New Evolution Ventures (NEV) announced the establishment of Hard Candy Fitness global gyms which will open in major cities around the world. The first Hard Candy Fitness is a beautiful and uniquely designed 30,000 square foot space which is scheduled to open in Mexico City mid November in the exclusive Bosques de las Lomas area. Madonna will be visiting the gym on the 29th of November for the official launch. Throughout her career Madonna has been devoted to fitness and well being and has worked out in literally hundreds of gyms around the world. As a result, she has a strong vision on what the ideal exercise, dancing and work out environment should be. The direction for how to bring that vision to the fitness world began to take shape during an initial meeting between Mark Mastrov, the innovator behind 24 Hour Fitness and Guy Oseary early in 2008. Mastrov has built a fitness empire of over 420 clubs in 16 countries. Mastrov, his partner Jim Rowley of NEV, Craig Pepin-Donat, the Vice President of Marketing and Development, along with Madonna and Oseary, are now in the planning stages of opening 10 more locations in Russia, Brazil, Argentina and throughout Europe and Asia. In addition, they are currently exploring opportunities and local partnerships around the globe for facilities where fitness, fashion and entertainment create a unique member experience.“Madonna’s world tours have taken us to many of our favorite cities around the world. We are looking forward to opening Hard Candy Fitness with NEV in many of these same places,” commented Oseary. “Our goal is to create an environment inspired by Madonna’s vision and high standards of what the ideal gym would be. Hard Candy Fitness will be a reflection of Madonna's point of view and will reflect her input on every detail including music space, light and other design cues. Madonna’s touch will be everywhere.” stated NEV Chairman Mark Mastrov. Chris Dedicik, Hard Candy’s Managing Director commented, “Hard Candy Fitness is a one of a kind experience merging fitness with entertainment. We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our members.” Hard Candy Fitness members will experience the very best in innovative training methods including private, group and dynamic training including traditional classes such as Zumba, Latin Moves and Cardio Kickboxing as well as new programming designed specifically for Hard Candy Fitness. The fitness center will also include a Bike Studio, a Mind Body Studio featuring The Great Wall, where members can practice BarWorks, Sculpting, Capoeria and the newest trends in Yoga. It will also house a healthy alternative Juice Bar/Cafe. The lavish locker rooms built with the finest materials will be a sanctuary for members who will be able to relax in sauna and steam rooms. Members will also benefit from state of the art cardiovascular equipment with personal viewing screens, more than 60 pieces of strength equipment / free weights and the best group fitness, functional training accessories and brands including PreCor, Hoist, Free Motion, Nautilus, Hammer Strength, StarTrac, AbCoaster, and TRX suspension training. For membership information, visit the enrollment center at Bosque de Duraznos 47, Bosques de las Lomas or call +52 55 5245 7550.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADONNA! Like every year we all here at ICON wish you the best on your birthday Love Juan
  12. Madonna’s Interview for Teen Vogue by ZaCK, www.absolumentmadonna.fr Madonna and Lourdes’s Material Girl Line for Teen Vogue Madonna has met her match. With the material mom’s new fashion line, daughter Lourdes calls the shots. www.absolumentmadonna.fr Word of warning to anyone looking to congratulate Madonna on her new line, Material Girl: “I didn’t really do anything,” the pop icon insists. “I couldn’t even say it was a collaboration. It was 90 percent Lola. I needed a teenage daughter to kick me in the butt and go, ‘Let’s do this, Mom!’” she adds, laughing. Supporting act isn’t a role we’re used to seeing Madonna play, but in the case of her thirteen-year-old daughter, Lourdes Leon, she seems perfectly happy taking a backseat. “I respect her style,” Madonna says. “It’s a juniors’ line. That’s who she is.” Of course, when your mom has a fashion archive as rich as Madonna’s, you’d be crazy not to take a peek. “She steals from my closet all the time–whether she’s allowed to or not,” Madonna says. “She loves everything I wore in the eighties. Her thing is to bring it into the twenty-first century–to add her own twist.” The line carries certain unmistakable Madonna signatures–like lace, pearls, and cross motifs–but other pieces fly over Mom’s head. Take the leggings with intentional tears inspired by a Lourdes styling trick. “Lola will leave in the morning with a pair of tights on,” explains Madonna. “Then when she comes home, they’re all ripped. I’m like, ‘What happened?’ And she goes, ‘I did it on purpose, Mom.’ OK, then,” Madonna says with a shrug. After three decades of shocking and awing us with her costume changes, it looks like fashion’s favorite chameleon has found a worthy successor. Jane Keltner de Valle: You’re such an enduring style icon. Why did you wait until now to launch a fashion line? Madonna: I guess I needed a teenage daughter to kick me in the butt and say, “Let’s do this, Mom!” There’s so much competition out there, and I work with so many great, talented designers. I didn’t really feel like I had a specific voice or an opinion until my daughter became a teenager, and then it became very clear what direction we were gonna go in. Lola’s direction! Jane Keltner de Valle: How would you describe her style and how has she influenced your style? Madonna: Her style is definitely more edgy. She has much more sense of humor about the way she dresses. She doesn’t take herself so seriously. She dresses in a very effortless way, which is something that I admire and wish I could do more of. She’s also 13 years old, so everything looks good on her! But yeah, she reminds me that getting dressed-up is actually fun. It’s been so much a part of my work that I sometimes forget to, like, have fun with it. So she’s reminding me that it’s fun. Jane Keltner de Valle: Do you give her complete freedom to wear what she wants? Madonna: No, I do not. Absolutely not! Jane Keltner de Valle: What are the ground rules? Madonna: Sometimes she puts something on, and I’ll be like, “My god, that looks amazing!” And then I’ll go, “Oh my god, that’s my 13 year old daughter.” So, um, no, we have rules. She can wear make up when she goes to parties and special events. And ya know, there’s always a little bit of a discussion about how short the skirt is…or is there some cleavage showing. And I always say to her, do you want everybody to be staring at your breasts, or do you want people to talk to you? Jane Keltner de Valle: Does she raid your closet a lot, and is she allowed to? Madonna: She steals things all the time–whether she’s allowed to or not. There are always things missing in my closet! Jane Keltner de Valle: What does she think of your style now, and of some of your iconic looks from the past? Madonna: She loves everything I wore in the early 80’s. She likes to take from that and make her own statement. Her thing now is to take what was my first thing and bring it into the 21st century–add her own twist to it. She’s also very influenced by dance. She’s a dancer, and she’s influenced by what kids wear in her classes. Ya know, the layered thing and the legwarmers. She’ll leave in the morning with a pair of tights on, ands when she comes home they’re all ripped and run and torn. I’m like, “What happened to your tights?” And she goes, “I did it on purpose, mom.” “Ok then.” Jane Keltner de Valle: She takes after her mom. Madonna: Exactly. Jane Keltner de Valle: Do you ever raid her closet? Madonna: Um, yeah. I wear her shoes a lot. We wear the same size, so when I’m really sick of wearing these [shows me her Christian Dior platforms]. She’s got some really cool flat boots and I steal her Converse sneakers. Jane Keltner de Valle: So tell me how you approached this collection. How did the collaboration work? Madonna: I would say it was 90% Lola. I couldn’t even really say it’s a collaboration because she’s doing a lot more than I am. I didn’t really do anything. I respect her style. It’s for a junior line, and that’s who she is. We share some common things, but then there are things that she wears that I would never wear. I mean, I don’t wear leggings and t-shirts. That’s not my thing. But that’s Lola’s thing. Jane Keltner de Valle: Why did you decide to name it Material Girl and not Madonna. Madonna: Because naming it after me is boring. First of all, that’s my name, and I don’t think Lola would have been as interested in working on it. Material Girl isn’t necessarily about me. People connect that name to me, but it’s really about a kind of a girl, and it has a lot of different connotations. So I think Lola feels like she can make it her own. Jane Keltner de Valle: How would you describe the girl the collection is for? Madonna: She’s not afraid to take chances. She’s adventurous, has a sense of humor, is witty, clever, interested in what’s going on in the world, she reads books, likes music, likes to dance–loves to dance!–and is as in touch with her masculine side as she is with her feminine side. Jane Keltner de Valle: The two of you are both very strong-minded. Was it easy working together? Did you ever clash? Madonna: Once in a while. But I have to say, when it comes to fashion and style, it’s the one area we argue the least in. Practicing piano, giving the little kid a bath, cleaning-up the bedroom–those are the things we don’t agree on. Jane Keltner de Valle: Do you have any favorite pieces from the collection? Madonna: I like just about anything that has lace on it. There’s a little lace hoodie with a metallic zipper on it that I’m obsessed with. I’m gonna steal it after this interview’s over with. And I love all the jewelry. The necklaces, all the chains… Jane Keltner de Valle: How important was it to keep the prices accessible? Madonna: Extremely important. Lola wanted to create a line that she could afford, and that girls across the country could afford. She wasn’t interested in making something so exclusive that only 50 girls could wear it. Jane Keltner de Valle: Does Lourdes have a clothing allowance? Madonna: She has no allowance. If she wants to go shopping I basically say, ‘Ok, well you have to do x, y, and z…” She has to earn it. If she’s done really well in school, and gotten really good grades in all her classes, a reward is usually $50 to go to American Apparel or Topshop, and go mad. Jane Keltner de Valle: Do you two go shopping together? Madonna: She doesn’t like me to go shopping with her. No. Jane Keltner de Valle: Will you and she star in the campaign together? Madonna: I won’t. I think she will eventually. After she gets into high school, and gets good grades. I’m using it as leverage! Jane Keltner de Valle: Does she want to follow in your footsteps in other arenas, like music or film? Madonna: She’s majoring in drama. That’s her main area of interest. She’s also really interested in dance. She doesn’t want to be a singer, though. She’s made that very clear. That’s cool. I respect that. Jane Keltner de Valle: How do you feel about her going into the entertainment industry? Madonna: I’m fine with it as long as she takes it seriously and puts in the hours. I always say to her, “If you want to be good at anything, you have to put in the hours.” She might get some things handed to her because of her connection with me, but she doesn’t really want that. She wants to earn it. She’s made that very clear to me.
  13. Madonna shows her support for Material Girl, her new line with daughter Lourdes Leon! Here’s what the 51-year-old original Material Girl had to share: On the line being a representation of Lola’s fashion sense: “I really like the way Lola dresses and I think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste.” On deciding to sell the line exclusively at Macy’s: “Macy’s seemed like a no-brainer. Macy’s is accessible – everybody goes there!” On what today’s Material Girl is: “A Material Girl is someone who’s interested in fashion and interested in music and interested in fun and has a sense of humor – an adventurous human being!” Source: Justjared
  14. Juan

    Lola Blogging

    Hey Guys, Our beautiful Lola is blogging right now at the Material Girl website Helluuur thurrrr, I’m Lola and this is my first blog entry so it’s kind of like ummmm…. I’m just going to use this blog entry to tell y’all a little bit about myself. I’m 13 and I’ll be 14 in October, so I can’t wait for that because I am FINALLY allowed to dye my hair… THANK YOU MOTHER!! My favvvv color is black (just because it goes with everything) and my least favorite color is brown (because it resembles the color of something QUITE gross). I am totally obsessivo about 80’s shorts… You know the kind that makes your butt look kinda big, with a grunge-looking shirt tucked in. It’s kinda nerdy but I love it. And the 80’s are another huge obsession of mine, which is totally amazingly awesome because Material Girl…HELLO! It’s like 80’s themed, which pretty much rocks, so yeah. I’m still in love with brogues or as some people call them “oxford shoes”. I haven’t found a good sandal so I’m on like a search right now.
  15. Hey Guys, A couple of days ago a co-worker sent me this pictures just to let me know that M looks like Johnny Deep from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. That rude ***CENSORED*** was laughing about it knowing how much I love her......... What do you think?............Let me know
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