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  1. so i am sitting here watching the GIRLIE SHOW CONCERT an hour ago and my whole house started shaking !! it sure was a scary moment seeing MADONNA shake more to DEEPER AND DEEPER !! it was a magnitude 5.4 and 20 miles away ! it was quite loud-"freight train-freight train-freight train" ! now my fear is that since easter sunday's 7.2 quake on a different fault and today's on another fault-that the biggest and most feared fault, the san andreas fault-is ready to snap !! we have been practically quake free for 15 years and now mother nature wants to shake things up !!
  2. its saturday and i just put in the Girlie Show concert (Her opening to Erotica is incredible) ...the excitement has been building all week-EVITA...Confessions Tour....Dick Tracy....Desperatly Seeking Susan...Drownwd World Tour-Blonde Ambition Tour....Truth Or Dare....Shanghai Surprise...Who's That Girl .....Like A Virgin Tour ....Videos...and music 24/7...
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    i started a contest tonight for ICONERS in polls/game forum
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