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    1. Antara


      Excellent photos..Madonna beauty, energy and skill all combined..

  1. Im repping you babes! you are reppable! Plus plus plus! cause there were some negatards on there!

  2. HUUUUURLO!!! We gotta chat sometime this weekend...

    I got some ideas brewin! AND AND I said lol... I have more bandwith so I can do more with the (universe)

  3. HEEHAW is trippin again!

  4. 5 Stars for my partner in crime...XOXO

  5. Still trying to figure out this new ICON...

    1. angellovef


      Don't be a drag, just be a queen!....of POP! LOL

    2. bklynkitikat


      LOL!!! I feel like this song is gonna have it's own float in the gay pride parade 2011...hahaha!!!

    3. ultrabri


      I agree! Its hot!!! Been rockin it all weekend!

  6. Hey babes...yes, you have to go to http://fancommunity.madonna.com

    For some reason though, even that link keeps re-directing to the old boards and old pages and there are errors there!!! =/

  7. Hi babe....Can you access the boards?