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  1. If anyone on the fan site buys $45 tickets we are having an intervention

    Bills and other expenses do not permit me 2 spend the big bucks. I luv Madonna I'm not one of those people that need to have floor seats to be happy. I'm sure one day I will be right up in front but that day will just have to wait. I paid almost $200 for seats at the staples center for Mdna and those seats were practically behind the stage. So anything that is not behind the stage works for me. I may need an intervention but that would be for other reasons.

  2. Have you been to the garden? There are a large section of limited view seats. The forum has none as its more clean line amphitheater style. Her tickets have been this price range since Drowned world. That said I would sell a kidney ifI had to to get the top price ticket. Use your imagination I'd work a part time job for two weeks That said. The Forum?! Why are we not at staples Live Nation? God I remember the Bikram Yoga class I went to there I mean The Confessions Tour. I think I kost 10 lbs

    i've never been to new york. but i've seen madonna twice at the forum opening night of confessions and the reinvention tour. I've seen the prices are now different but i already had a plan. i told my friend i was gonna start to hook. lmao,  i'm sure you understand! ;)i hear the forum has been remodeled.

  3. Icon is the official Madonna fan club. It is not as busy here as it use to be. It's pretty sad. Icon was before all these social media sites. It's a breath of fresh air to see someone who isn't posting links to get free and unreleased material. I see some supposed fans who have no problem illegally downloading.