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    I've been an Iconer since the 90s. It has always ruled. It use to be so personal and for die hard fans. Now it seems as if Icon is not what it use to be. The website is not very user friendly and there are issues that do not get addressed. However am i still a fan. DAMN StRAIGHT.
    The Staff is doing mediocre work and it is an insult to Madonna and her fans. There is a rotten apple on the team, or a few.
  2. SonicPressure
    Well first off let me say interscope sux a big one!!!
    I ordered the MDNA dvd from amazon. I was so excited when I got it in the mail, HOWEVER! When I put the dvd on; I was in for a rude awakening. So the monks are coming out and ringing the bell.....THE PICTURE FREEZES UP!!!! I was PISSED! I fast forwarded to see if it was messed up it kept freezing and the sound still was playing! I put it in another dvd player, IT kept freezing up over and over again! I was getting more pissed! So then after being really disappointed after MONTHS of anticipation it was a real BUZZ KILL! So I go to amazon to get another copy of the DVD, Well when it came in the mail I put it in the Xbox to play and the MOTHERF*CKER FROZE IN THE SAME PLACE, The exact same place as the other one. So now i'm pretty frustrated. So I went to amazon and it says the dvd was out of stock and I would get a refund. HUHHHHHHH!
    So then I was reading alot of people were having problems with the blu ray and it was RECALLED!!!! What the hell! Interscope sux!!! Since M has left warner bros, the icon site has been out of wack! On all her other tours there was always alot of notice ahead of all the details. When the MDNA tour was announced it was right after the Superbowl and on Icon we didn't really hear jack about the tour when the tickets were on sale, etc. Now Interscope puts out Madonna's record breaking tour with a botched dvd/blue ray that doesn't work and gets recalled! We all know this has never happened in the history of MADONNA! She worked really hard on the project and interscope gets a manufacturer that SUX and does a shitty job of incompetence. How does this happen these days. Madonna is the queen of pop, a legend and the most successful artist, I would expect this from a hannah montana dvd or something else that sux! Another note, when Icon put the links out to buy the dvd, they were another country!!! Also I noticed that there was no live cd with the dvd, you have to buy it separately! What is up with that! With this economy I would have to do my hustle to get both! I had already paid an arm and a leg for 2 tix to the l.a. show and i was PRACTICALLY BEHIND THE STAGE! Horrible seats!!!!! So you can understand another reason i was excited to see the dvd and watch the way it was meant to be!
    Anyhow, I'm gonna go out and smoke some grass! Guess what i'm going to do in a moment......
    I'm going to attempt to buy the dvd again and pray it's not A BOTCHED poorly made disc!
    Rant over! I feel like Casey Kasem!!!
  3. SonicPressure
    I haven't logged on in ages. Due to last year being the worst year of my life, That will be another blog.
    I wish Icon wouldn't have changed everything over and over. A few years ago, it was really awesome, u could upload pictures, videos, blogs, and all that jazz. Then after Hard Candy the website was revamped or some jazz. Everything everyone had uploaded, was gone and a blank slate, all friends gone, and nothing was like it use to. Also, i didn't get to ***CENSORED*** about how corrupt ticketmaster is and the problem i had with the tickets to mdna and being a legacy member. When i saw sticky and sweet the seats i had were awesome! There was alot of hype and publicity for the tour. I was so excited about the superbowl as most of the world, It was amazing and i had tears in my eyes, (also I had the flu and felt tainted.)The MDNA tour dates and tickets were announced faster than. I live about 100 miles or so from l.a. I missed the presales for the los angeles shows, So I was going to get tickets for vegas. The day they went on sale being a LEGACY member u get to buy your tickets before ANYONE ELSE an hour before. I was going to buy 4 tickets and I put in the code and searched for tickets. I WAS NOT ABLE TO change the ticket choices, It only would let me select the most expensive tickets, In this economy I was going to have to do my hustle lmao. I tried over and hour and was hoping everything was gonna work out. Well I got f**ked, I tried to contact ticketmaster and there is no livechat help or anything. What kind of business treats their customers like that. Well probably many but that's not my point. I NEEDED 2 tickets. I ended up getting my tickets at stubhub for the staples center (bad place for a concert) I paid over 100.00 for tickets and I was PRACTICALLY BEHIND THE STAGE, I can't even believe that they sell tickets behind the stage, It was also a limited view! The sound system at staples center was bad, the acoustics and all that jazz don't work. When M has been at THE FORUM it was the bomb. I didn't see when MDNA made her grand entrance, i was trying to look at the back of screens to find her. BUT STILL i was going crazy and loving it. The l.a crowd are such deadbeat, unoriginal wannabes. i was one of those people in the back behind the stage dancing and having a blast. Unlike the floor seats and u see people just standing there! bozos. Anyhow, Then THEY RAN OUT OF PROGRAMS! and the staples center staff suck! I'm a bloody legacy member of icon and I was behind the stage with overpriced bad seats. I still luv it and have a whole blog i'll write about the mdna show, my view from behind. lmao,
    Another side note, On stubhub there was ticket packages available that they were selling for vegasshows that were not suppose to be available unless you were an icon member and had a passcode. How does stubhub have tickets for sale even before they were available to icon and icon legacy members. That sounds crooked. I keep mentioning legacy member cuz, that has always been a special deal and got exclusive things. So yeah stubhub sucks.
    Luv MDNA!
  4. SonicPressure
    So it's Friday March 13 2015. Madonna's new album came out Tuesday and it still hasn't been shipped yet. I'm dumbfounded. I read on instagram that some countries have ran out. I don't understand how or why? So far interscope has done nothing that's positive. The Last Madonna Disc They Put Out Was A Botched bluray/dvd. There was never an official statement about it being botched. All I heard was people had the audio setting wrong. Well that really doesn't explain why 2 separate dvds froze up at the same spot I might add. So wtf? While I'm ranting. I'll also throw out the fact that when madonna was with warner. The tour dvd came with a live disc. On interscope they sold them separately. Really. I wonder if the cd was botched too. #interscopesux
  5. SonicPressure
    So tomorrow Rebel Heart comes out. A new madonna album coming out is always a huge deal. I'm so excited, the kind of excitement i use to get over disneyland. Well and Imma get my tickets to see madonna tomorrow. so im like kinda excited right now.
  6. SonicPressure
    So Here's a quick update on the madonna app. It still crashes and does not work. I looked up mobileroadie instagram page, and remind you, they are in charge of the madonna app. I believe it has 6 posts, 36 followers and is following 4. Really, Well I'm not surprised, but come on now.
  7. SonicPressure
    So 9 more days till Rebel Heart. I have seen tour gossip on instagram and the problematic madonna app. I always wait 5o hear it directly from Madonna's camp. Since Icon is her official fan club. I will believe it when I see it here. However it seems like these days stub hub is aware of ticket sales before ticketmaster. For example when the Mdna tour was announced. Stub hub had tickets available before. Even before the legacy preales happened. But hey that's the world we live in.
  8. SonicPressure
    So today I showed my nieces and nephew madonna at the Brit awards and how a true superstar gets it done. My niece will be 17 in July. She already saw madonna in Vegas for sticky and sweet. The next generation of fans knows what's up.
  9. SonicPressure
    So I just went opened the Madonna app. I hadn't even been on for 5 minutes and it crashed. Lol at least in didn't freeze up my phone like it's done before. I think I'm gonna stick to icon. Madonna was amazeballs at the grammys. The rest of the show was sh*t. The director of the show must be fired for mediocre camera work. With those bad skills he should join the other incompetent workers that madonna unfortunately has on her team. Beyonce is so damn overrated. Not to mention she can't sing. The only cool thing she's done was falling down the stairs. The grammys use to be a special deal. Now it is a joke and after Madonna I put on amish haunting!!
  10. SonicPressure
    Well, the app is still wack. There has been a some changes, However it still crashes and I the same thing happens. I've uninstalled it a few times to see if downloading it again and it might work. Well that didn't help. However, time is ticking and it's getting closer to the new album. #fixthemadonnaapp Really this is not a good look.
  11. SonicPressure
    So today I've had the blues. I've struggled with the blues all my life. But it was the first time listening to ghost town and with the blues impending doom lurking above me. So now that the next song on is the piece of art. Paradise (not for me) I thought let me put my own sad spin of the queens creations. I know rebel heart will be there for me just like madonna has always been there for me.
    I pray that Bobbikris gets better.
  12. SonicPressure
    Warning this might be hard to follow.
    So yeah, i finally figured out how to post a new blog entry. Am i the only one has a hard time finding out how icon works now. There is way 2 many steps. I mean really I thought Dishnetwork was not user friendly. I've been trying to change my username and it says it's been changed but it doesn't change. The Madonna app that is wack and I've actually tweeted madonna and guy oseary to #fixtheapp
    When I post something it doesn't show up and when i leave a comment it force closes and crashes. I even uninstalled it and downloaded it again. Cuz imma be real with u. I've been all into #unaplogeticbitch and it's like i can't express how much i love madonna and how excited and all the other things that u can share on social media. The users of the app that are able to post pictures and comments, the pics they upload the same reductive sh*t. Really. A really poor quality picture that isn't even clear. Really. Really The Queen of Pop is going to have an app but's not working correctly and i've sent dozens of reports to the sender when it crashes. This is the One and Only Madonna.Then I have these amazeballs creations and pictures and ideas and all stuff mdna related and the app crashes and I can't show my luv. Really Not a good look. I don't think it's acceptable. Also with all these leaks of unreleased photos and music that is out. First off I've been buying Madonna music since I was 10 years old and I bought the True Blue cassette. Also, I've never listened to leaks. I always wait until the day the album is released and buy it. Yes buy it. Since Like a Prayer i've always waited with such anticipation and excitement. I've been an Icon Member before it was free to register. So yeah I use to pay the annual fee to be in the exclusive Icon. I guess I'll call it Old School. I'm never thinking she needs to put something out right now. These fans these days are like New music new music new music, it's taking her so long. Really, I'm the real deal, not a novice fan. I'm a #diehardmdnafan I will not listen to it until the day that Madonna gives us some sonic sounds to luv.
    I just realized, this is almost like a rant! Not exactly a rant, but alot of shittalking going on. but hey. I keep it real.
    the new album. I'm so excited. It's sad that Icon has become a ghosttown. I think interscope sux, In all the years of me buying mdna merchandise i never had a botched and defective disc, not once but twice. Then the order was cancelled by amazon. WTF So yeah, I think the staff needs a serious meeting. This is Madonna and I don't think she'd be happy knowing that people who actually buy stuff are getting screwed. So yeah interscope sux
    It might sound like i'm an unapologetic ***CENSORED***
    But sometime you know I gotta call it like it is
    sonic pressure