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  1. SonicPressure

    Facebook sux

    Facebook sux ass. I'm so over drama and all the bullshit. I can't express myself without getting feedback. ***CENSORED***
  2. your truth is a lie

  3. this isn't good, it isn't cute. it's not funny. ....it's kinda demented.

  4. did that affect your mind in some way?

  5. Let me Luv U from the Inside out.

  6. I'm addicted 2 your luv.

  7. SonicPressure

    I Got Mine

    Woohoo! i just got my Madonna tickets! I'll see you in L.A. Madonna. Woohoo!
  8. SonicPressure


    So it's Friday March 13 2015. Madonna's new album came out Tuesday and it still hasn't been shipped yet. I'm dumbfounded. I read on instagram that some countries have ran out. I don't understand how or why? So far interscope has done nothing that's positive. The Last Madonna Disc They Put Out Was A Botched bluray/dvd. There was never an official statement about it being botched. All I heard was people had the audio setting wrong. Well that really doesn't explain why 2 separate dvds froze up at the same spot I might add. So wtf? While I'm ranting. I'll also throw out the fact that when madonna was with warner. The tour dvd came with a live disc. On interscope they sold them separately. Really. I wonder if the cd was botched too. #interscopesux
  9. SonicPressure

    The Forum in L.A. Tickets.

    So who else thinks that the forum tickets are OVERPRICED! Starting at $175.00 Show ticket prices start at $45.00 in new York. #really
  10. SonicPressure

    The Forum in L.A. Tickets.

    Bills and other expenses do not permit me 2 spend the big bucks. I luv Madonna I'm not one of those people that need to have floor seats to be happy. I'm sure one day I will be right up in front but that day will just have to wait. I paid almost $200 for seats at the staples center for Mdna and those seats were practically behind the stage. So anything that is not behind the stage works for me. I may need an intervention but that would be for other reasons.
  11. SonicPressure

    The Forum in L.A. Tickets.

    i've never been to new york. but i've seen madonna twice at the forum opening night of confessions and the reinvention tour. I've seen the prices are now different but i already had a plan. i told my friend i was gonna start to hook. lmao, i'm sure you understand! ;)i hear the forum has been remodeled.
  12. SonicPressure

    The Forum in L.A. Tickets.

    update, tix at the forum are starting at 45.
  13. SonicPressure

    Rebel Heart 2morrow.

    So tomorrow Rebel Heart comes out. A new madonna album coming out is always a huge deal. I'm so excited, the kind of excitement i use to get over disneyland. Well and Imma get my tickets to see madonna tomorrow. so im like kinda excited right now.
  14. Did that affect your mind in some way?

  15. SonicPressure

    Media Management

    i am just trying to figure how to get to the forums!
  16. SonicPressure

    The consequences of the unjust in my life...and a poetry

    I'm sending energy your way.
  17. SonicPressure

    Tour 2015 tickets

    I can't believe how icon let this happen. There use to be good seats that were saved for the iconers. It's not what it use to be.
  18. SonicPressure

    Icon Legacy Platinum code didn't work

    Oh hell no. That is unacceptable. I stand beside a true iconer. That's not cool at all. It stated Icon Legacy members DID NOT need a live pass. That sux!
  19. SonicPressure

    Virgin Tour 30th Anniversary idea!?!?

    That needs to happen totally. Why hasn't it already.
  20. SonicPressure


    Use your code wisely. It is only good for one city on the tour. When u use it u can get your limit of tickets. But once u have used the code it is complete and can't be used again.
  21. SonicPressure

    VIP Pricing?

    The details are not clear. They need more explanation. I'm having a problem with the l.a. ticket prices. They are wack.