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  1. I think an asteroid is needed ASAPFuck-This-Asshole-Anti-Trump-Shirts-La-L

  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDSY970lOWi/?igshid=yd9htnykq577 Well i haven't been on lately. Ive been having some manic emotional episodes. No bueno, I'm not going to repeat my feelings. I'll post my Ig post where I express myself.
  3. 20200524_025427_zpsbzbtogw8.jpg

    MOOD it took sbout 30 minutes to upload this!

  4. I hate insomnia and I really hate night terrors!

  5. 4th of July blog coming 

  6. Crying all alone at 3:11 a.m. sux.

  7. So I've been really feeling sad, Sadder than the usual, I miss my husband. I always have had nightmares and i just recently discovered that my bad dreams are night terrors. I hate it, I have this recurring nightmare that I'm on a sinking ship. Ever since I got back from Oregon I've really been sad.
  8. 20200209_173800_zpsyckbqipd.jpg

    Total snoozefest 

  9. So I'm banned on facebook again! 

  10. George Floyd a black man was murdered by a white cop. I haven't watched the video. The world is in a state of chaos. I was already depressed enough.
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