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  1. I think an asteroid is needed ASAPFuck-This-Asshole-Anti-Trump-Shirts-La-L

  2. 20200524_025427_zpsbzbtogw8.jpg

    MOOD it took sbout 30 minutes to upload this!

  3. I hate insomnia and I really hate night terrors!

  4. 4th of July blog coming 

  5. Crying all alone at 3:11 a.m. sux.

  6. 20200209_173800_zpsyckbqipd.jpg

    Total snoozefest 

  7. So I'm banned on facebook again! 

  8. Blast from the past!FB_IMG_1583567982981_zpsfb06gnyu.jpg

  9. On facebook i recently got banned for saying I pray that trump gets shot.  I stand by this statement. 4c986ee8ec98fdc83083db53504fdc89_zpsr7gp

    1. DJcraveo


      Hi Guys I am from the Rep of Ireland Trump to me is a Loony Bin Paranoid Psychopath with a Big Mouth I am a Professional Musician / Band DJ Producer I will not allow my music on Itune or Apple Music as Trump has shares in these music Stores I sell my Music in China 


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