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    It was crushing my head and they were using sonic pressure.
    I'm really awesome and I luv MDNA!

    Update. October, 2016 I will be blogging here like I use to

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  1. Merry Christmas! I don't want to have any more meltdowns today!!

  2. So tonight has finally arrived. I see Madame X at the Wiltern. Turn up b*tch
  3. Only two more weeks until Madame X! Turn up
  4. I just read that the November 12 show at the Wiltern is being canceled due to production elements. I'm glad that I picked the 13th for my show. I didn't pick opening night in l.a. for my choice. So I'm glad I didn't pick that day now I'll be attending my show but it will now be the opening date in la of the Madame X show. I was at opening night of Confessions in Inglewood and it was the bomb! In other history, tonight is the 4 year anniversary of seeing M in Inglewood for the Rebel Heart Tour
  5. So with all social media going crazy over the phone issue. I'm glad that the phones are being banned because all of these bozos with their phones out recording during concerts are annoying. 50 something days till i get to see The Madame X show!
  6. So I'm blasting I'll Remember, I'm feeling the excitement and anticipation! It's like gonna be the bomb! I'm so excited to see her perform at the Wiltern, it's a beautiful theater. Right now, all these bozos on social media. PAUSE, I'm having a meltdown. will post later on this .
  7. Did that affect your mind in some way?

  8. I wish Icon would allow us to change our display names permanently. Butch1977 is so 2009

  9. Tonight at around 3:00 am the Perseids Meteor shower is happening. I'm as high as a kite! I'm blasting Selena!
  10. I'm blasting Dirty Diana and I'm having fun right now. The last month has been a real test. It's almost like the most time I've ever cried my eyes out in my entire life! Right now I'm thinking Marguerite Perrin! Dirty Diana ended and Vogue is blasting! It's the single that I had the cassette single also! Madonna Madonna Madonna
  11. I need a bong rip!



      I'm taking a  huge bong rip!

  12. I'm blasting Madame X right now. Its the second time I've played the disc. In the album artwork there is no credits.
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