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    It was crushing my head and they were using sonic pressure.
    I'm really awesome and I luv MDNA!

    Update. October, 2016 I will be blogging here like I use to

    Find me on youtube. Sonic Pressure is the key word!

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  1. California is on lockdown again. I've bedn miserable and in pain, ths kidney stones are hurting, the toothache. Recovery from my appendix ruptured. And getting dumped has be brokenhearted and devastated. It's been a real struggle. It's Christmas time and Christmas make me really sad.
  2. I really want some grillz.

  3. I hate being sad and crying all alone.

  4. Sonic Pressure


    I'm really sad. It's the worst ever. Getting dumped, surgery, and more bullshit. My life has fallen apart. I think we are on lockdown too. I hate my nightmares they have always been scary. Now, my life is worse than a living nightmare. It's awful. Now, i wish that my nightmares were my reality. Because feeling sad and devastated is unbearable. So ive been trying to keep myself busy. Im having an episode of mania. I'm going to teach myself to play the piano too. I'm sick of crying.
  5. I think an asteroid is needed ASAPFuck-This-Asshole-Anti-Trump-Shirts-La-L

  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDSY970lOWi/?igshid=yd9htnykq577 Well i haven't been on lately. Ive been having some manic emotional episodes. No bueno, I'm not going to repeat my feelings. I'll post my Ig post where I express myself.
  7. 20200524_025427_zpsbzbtogw8.jpg

    MOOD it took sbout 30 minutes to upload this!

  8. I hate insomnia and I really hate night terrors!

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