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  1. . . . so I read this morning on DrownedMadonna M was doing the BET Show 106 & Park . I checked the BET web site and it looked like the only way to get tix was to e-mail!! I e-mailed, but thought maybe no one would get to it in time. So I called around and got ahold of the audience department. I called back every 15 minutes until someone answered, and they finally said I could get in line if I could be there in 15 minutes (quickest shower I ever took)!! I hopped into a cab over to the CBS Broadcast building and was first in line! The audience guy was so nice he sat me in front because he knew how big a fan I was (evidently not a lot of people knew because there was only one other hardcore fan there)! So of course MADONNA comes and sits on the couch and they asked her what kind of candy she would be and I yelled "lollpop!" and she was like yeah a lolipop! M looked spectacular with her Give it to Me gear on. The hosts Roxy and Terrence J. also asked her which one of her old songs she would like to hear, and I yelled "Like a Prayer!" but she said no lol. THEN, MADONNA CAME OVER TO STAND RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! The other hardcore fan said something about how muched we liked Roseland and I was like "I came all the way from Pittsburgh to see you" and "it was great (meaning the Roseland show) and she turned around and looked at me and said, "THANK YOU. It was over like lightning and turned around and said goodbye to us and left! It airs tomorrow at 6PM ET on BET. THANK YOU, THANK YOU THANK YOU MADONNA FOR THE MOMENT I'VE WAITED MOST OF MY LIFE FOR!! THANK YOU BET!! THANK YOU GOD! I WILL NEVER FORGET IT! XO Robert Pittsburgh, PA P.S. The gay that does your makeup is SMOKIN'! May 1, 2008
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