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  1. Hello to you guys out in Madonna-Land ?

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    2. Dr_Feelgood


      To Dark Cloud, yeah my first blog on this site is how we're all RAN on the internet. Very few real communities left within the music industry. I see MADONNA's Twitter account is now mostly spam bots and fembots while MADONNA has sadly turned her back on us all to play Sharon Stone's character in Cat Woman with Beauline being the new MDNA.


    3. Dr_Feelgood


      Having said that I'll always love her because I am addicted to MDMA, crack, heroin (she is mine), liquid THC, crystal meth, Thai ICE, Thai ICE crack babies, Sidegra (Thai Viagra) and why are all those kids in Malawi wearing aceeed house t-shirts. G#D works in mysterious ways. G#D is fashion, This winter collection SATAN is the new BLACK.

    4. Dark_Cloud


      Time to add my photo to my profile.... Thai Ice Crack Babies are a rarity in Asia and non existant in Europe... (They are like cute little mogwais that turn into gremlins once they hit their crack pipe after mid night) Will be returning to Thailand shortly...

      rob and jen 2.jpg