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    Today my holiday has started. And the best thing is that I can look forward to the end as that will be when i'm going to see the Queen again!! Isn't that nice? ;O)
  2. babeborre

    So sad

    just heard the sad news from France. It's so sad. Thinks a lot about the family the dead and the injuried right now.
  3. babeborre


    I need to learn more html. I just tried to use somesimple codes at my profile and it looks iike s..t. Have to surfthe internet and find some nice codes....
  4. babeborre


    The last few days there has been a lot of rain here in Denmark. I hope the sun will be back soon as my holiday starts this Friday. If not I think I just have to listen to the Sticky and Sweet version of rain. Then at least my mood will be good.
  5. It's my second day on the new board. And it's so nice to see that many of the old iconers have made their new profile. Remember to add me as friend
  6. babeborre

    It's late

    I have to go to bed. But is still in here trying to find out of all the new features. But I have to go to bed. So good night!
  7. babeborre

    First day

    This my first day on this board. The site is so much faster, so It's looking good.
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