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  1. Thank you for an AMAZING 2015 Madonna!

  2. YAY!! I am Rifraf64 once again. All is right with the world.

  3. Added Madison Square Garden second night, and first night in Miami too in addition to the second. This is officially an addiction.

    1. kevindass


      See ya at MSG #2 Nov 13th !! :)

  4. Hi. Thank for the add. Nice to meet you. -Jimmy.

  5. See you in Miami in the 13th of November.


  6. You are fricking amazing. I love you my friend. So happy we met. How did we ever not know each other well before. You are hilarious good fun. Can't wait to see you again.

  7. Patience my Pearly. Good things come to little girls who wait. I love you!!!

    It's almost here! Me and Ricky and Sammy are headed to Philadelphia on Tuesday morning. So excited.

  8. My friend! The Madonna Madonna Madonna shirt! I loved hanging out with you so much, and was wondering how we would ever connect again. I forgot your name. I am Jimmy. We took great pictures together. :-)

  9. You know Gar, between you and me, what did you really know about Roberta?

    1. pearl



      This is so long ago and still a classic - between you and me! ❣️

  10. I would date you too froggie - blush- I know my profile says Ricko, but my name is Jimmy. If you are on facebook, find me under James Ahrens. I don't think we are connected there. What is your name again?

  11. added the last us show - Nov 20, 2012 in Miami!

  12. Hope you enjoyed your weekend too! See you in Philly. :-) My name is JimmyLUV.

  13. See you in Philly Rick! :-) I got VIP floor. What did you get?

  14. Philly, Boston, and Yankee Stadium!

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    2. madonnabrat


      Hey Buddy! great to hear from you! Cant wait to see you again in Boston. BTW, nice profile pic.

    3. dannilee


      Hey! Tried to PM you, but it says you can't get new messages. Check your FB messages and hit me back! =)

    4. madonnabrat
  15. Philly, Boston, and Yankee Stadium!

  16. I miss your sexy ass baby!

  17. Welcome to the Gambler Gang my friend! We are a band of Gambler appreciators who have become friends. Many of us have met at concerts across the world too. It's great to welcome you to the Gambler Gang community. :-) Peace. Jimmy

  18. Love your siggy so much!

  19. Stopping by just to say HI!! Hope that all is well.

  20. That's right, baby!

    1. madonnasworld
    2. jt29621


      I like that pic with the chincked logs behind you. Reminds me of my bros cabin in Sunvalley, Idaho. Was just there skiing 2 weeks ago. Have a good one man,

    3. pearl


      jimmy!!!!! it's about time! :)


      just stoppin by to send some looooove..... <3 <3 <3


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