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  1. *Sorry but this is a non-Madonna post* I was planning for weeks to see Back to the Future. It's my ALL TIME favorite movie. So we went to the AMC theatre here in Montreal. It was the 25th anniversary this weekend and they have a special screening and gieveaways. Of course we paid parking etc. Can you believe after 1h45 of WAITING, TESTING bla, bla, bla they CANCELED the screening !!!!!!!! And, of course, NO giveaways. I'm sooo desapointed This event WON't happen again. Ok they have monday but i can't go!! I'm still mad at them GRRRR! I was sooo happy to see it finally on big screen
  2. Hey guys i'm back on the blog only, not on Icon "pay" boards Missed You! So what's new around here? Je suis la chef!
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