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  1. @1craftygirl: everything seems to be ok with your boards access? Please PM if still experiencing issues accessing them.

  2. @tu2nam: You're not a Legacy member but a Platinum one and didn't renew in 2011.

  3. @whatupdoggie: No, the "Broken" vinyl is limited to members who joined or renewed their paid membership in 2010.

  4. @akhan @amywaz @elisa @mirimaus: Fixed!

    @tu2nam: Sorry but boards access is limited to Legacy and Live Pass members.

  5. @jef33 @Madonnaloverforever @madonnaphile: fixed!

    @ultrabri: Thank you! xoxo

  6. @Rebel5fx : Sorry, can't find her username.

  7. @xdrownedmanx @salmafan @bcgldnboy @krembroulet: Your access to the boards is now fixed!

  8. kasia8: Sorry but boards access is limited to Live Pass and Legacy members.

    Johnes: Fixed!

  9. Boards access is now fixed for the 3 of you guys!


  10. @KeithHass: This is now fixed!

  11. Thank you so much for the kind words guys! You deserve the hard work!!!!! xoxo

  12. Guys, please PM me when it comes to such questions since I cannot handle requests using my profile's comments section. Thanks!

  13. @Saigemusic2: It's because you are a Classic member and boards access is limited to Live Pass and Legacy members.

  14. @xwandroid: Just fixed your access. Please do not care about the "members" mention, it's only being used by the boards' script and has nothing to do with your real status. xoxo

  15. @calimax: This is now fixed.

  16. @mirimaus: the Legacy poster is to be mailed this Summer too and it's different from the Live Pass one.

  17. @danmoncada & tony_bear: Issue is now fixed.

    @nipitthai: The "Broken" vinyl is to be mailed to qualifying members this Summer.

  18. @jordivigar, paulrogers, scotjay77: Your access to the boards is now fixed.

    Please feel free to PM me when facing such issues so I can get them fixed faster.



    PS: @blm91: Welcome and thank you for the kind words! :)

  19. Is everything now ok for everyone? Please let me know.



  20. @Paulie41: This is now fixed.


  21. @Rebel5fx & dressyouup: It's now fixed!


  22. @Annukka: Just took care of it!

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