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  2. On facebook i recently got banned for saying I pray that trump gets shot.  I stand by this statement. 4c986ee8ec98fdc83083db53504fdc89_zpsr7gp

  3. butch1977

    Blue Alien

    So I'm smoking this dank called blue alien it's really good I'm stoned I feel like Maria I be in a deep depression it's really awful. I don't like all of this judgment and death I just think it's tainted I want none of thismb,
  4. Well I'm able to post on Facebook but I'm being threatened with suspension for 30 days if I violste the terms. Facebook is bullshit. It's depressing and too much drama at least. Here on Icon it's a ghost town.
  5. butch1977

    Home Again

    Well I'm back home in California, it was so nice to see my husband. Oregon is a really beautiful state it's so green. I knew it was going to be emotional and I was right. When the plane took off I was in tears. Wearing a mask and crying while saying goodbye to loved ones is a drag!
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