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She rides the waves of love




She rides 

She rides  She rides

the waves of love

Sleek as a gregarious dolphin

In the tropics

Sweet undulations

She rides

She rides She rides

Sweet as a gregarious dolphin

The waves of her love spontaneous

And sleek 

Love the way

Love the way

Love the way that she rides

Sweet sleek undulations

Sweet sleek endearing undulations

Moist sunshine past the midnight hour

Sweet sleek gregarious loving


She rides

she rides  she rides the waves of love

the waves of poetic love

sweet sleek endearing undulations

Sweet as a dolphin gregarious

In her tropics, pure ecstasy and 

Lathering sanctuary

Sweet sleek loving undulations

Like a poetic dolphin In her tropics

Lathering sanctuary

The waves of love The waves of love

The waves of love

All over over her

All over her

All over her all over that rollicking

Enraptured garden

Moist star radiating in starry night


The leaves wet with summer 

The leaves wet with summer fun

Like her sweet endearing

summer garden

Besodden with warm dolphin tunes

Besodden with warm dolphin tunes

sweet sleek loving undulations

Sweet loving sleek damp undulations

All over her

All over her

All over her

sweet sleek undulations

Her body lathered

Her lathered body

Her translucent sleek body

Lathered by her for me

She feels her garden 

She fills her garden with her

adamant tender liove

i feel her aching melodious garden

Needs some more dolphin flourishes

And loving deep kisses upon its

resonant lips so I kiss it sweetly tenderly deeply

So I kiss her gardens lips

Lady It's deep so I kiss her garden deep

Gotta get a drink 

be right back to your loving feverish garden

Sweetly tenderly deeply

with hot tender tears in my eyes


Sweetly tenderly deeply

my eyes ache with her gardens lush ache but I love her soulfully

So i kiss her sweetly tenderly deeply

So I kiss her deeply sweetly tenderly

All over

all over  all over her hot steaming

body those legs those thighs

Her legs unloosened

Like a warm wind taking off her clothes

All over her loving being

all over her loving being

in verse shes raspberry now

her love stirred her aching garden

resonantly twirled so I kiss her gardens lips with fervent love and feel her


Twirling it 

She's raspberry now

She's my raspberry

I eat from her garden

She's my raspberry now

Legs unloosened

She's my raspberry now

Gotta have my luscious effing raspberry

My warm sweet raspberry picked

straight from her loving nectar garden

I eat from

Her melodious giving garden

Eating her luscious raspberry

Just how she wants

three kisses along each of its sides

More kisses deep in the rind

Loving flourishes lady

loving loving flourishes

i want her raspberry again

as she wants our love effing


it's like I can feel

How warm she is

How loving romantic she can be

I want that raspberry of her voice

To soothe me I guess that why I love her

Music  so much that sweet voice

I want to feel how warm she could

get how vwarm she can get how passionate and kind she is

I want to kiss her thighs

I want to kiss her thighs

I want to kiss her thighs

Some reason they're so voluptuous

I really wish she could kiss them for me

Not just for anyone

I want to write a poem on her thighs

Kiss them as she sings

And kiss them again

Something about them

they're flair they're voluptuousness

Not just the fishnets

not just the thigh high boots

those are hot

sometimes i hear her sweet voice

On one of  her sweet songs

And wonder how she  is

If she has some fishnets on

or no fishnets at all

Either way she's warmly beautiful

I'd even say she's 


She's so sweet lovely funny and nice

I wonder how her garden tastes

I wonder how her garden tastes

I'd still like to kiss her Majesties thighs

And her lips And heart and her islands

And her garden and her hand and her

Sensuous soul but first I'd like to kiss her thighs with my irises and love

And that hot warm sensuous damp majestic garden 

So go on and twirl and twirl and twirl

Your warm lovely majesty

In rapt rhapsody

In rapt rhythyms

 In enrapturing love

And that warm sensuous damp majestic garden my majesty

I kiss it deeply,

I kiss it melodiously,

I kiss it lovingly,

I kiss it passionately,

My majesty




I love how she rides

And rides and rides

So lovingly

So lovingly so lovingly

We'd probably be great friends

And lovers




 I really love her song 


Off of bedtime stories

Geez the lilt of her sweet voice

And how she recites poems

interspersed within the song

I really love just about all her songs

Close to my heart  that's a sweet song

It's not on the bedtime stories album

Her bosoms so beautiful

So nurturing  I'd like to take a loving 

Nap on it

Her bosoms so lush

I'd like to take a warm nap on it

With her singing



I iove how she recites poetry and sings

A soulful kiss Upon the brow

And three sweet kisses upon

her panting gardens lips

Between twirls beautiful

Sweet lady between twirls

In sweet sleek undulations

Her whole body

Her whole luscious dancer body

in exquisite  exquisite ecstasy

SLEEK effing sleek sweet warm undulations and bevy of dear kisses

Upon the firm delicacies of her love

Her gardens throbbing mercies

her gardens melodious fountains

her gardens hard worn kisses

Her gardens damp gentle ache

sweet sleek undulations

Love is in the zone

Love is in the rosy moist air

of her awed sweet garden

in the zone transfixed where melody, timbre of ecstatic dolphins and


Poetry,and vivid rapt sleek colors

Flow in sweet  awed Sleek ecstascies

like basquait whitman rilke haring van gogh frida Sexton

stars radiating in the starry night

The way her garden in summer ecstasy

 Sings with Damp oscillations

Deep damp oscillations

Deep damp oscillations

Those tender deep oscillations

Where Wave dolphin kissed vibrations

Roam lyrically blessed

Wild and free

Wild and effing lusciously free

Sleek sweet undulations SLEEK

Her whole body  her whole luscious body in sleek exquisite ecstasy in very sleek exquisite ecstasy in effing sleek rhythms

Sweet warm lady

Sweet warm lady keep your heels on 

but be as comfy as like

and twirl wear what you want

I want to feel your love

Ive seen her perform in pleasant rapt awe


Like her jovial warm love

comes in waves comes in waves

Comes in sleek waves titillating

sweet woman

And comes in waves from her generous

Rapt  melodic garden awed to damp sighs and tender musical moans

Rapt effing garden awed to tender sighs

tender nights to cherish the poem as i cherish her song and damp musical moans

Her tropics bowing to the poetic music

In the starry blazing comforting wind

Sweet loving SLEEK

Sweet loving Sweet sweet exquisite


adept sleek undulations adept sweet undulations adept sweet dolphin flourishes Dolphin flourishes Dolphin flourishes

All over her all over that

All over her  all over that

all over her 

Sweet Deep kisses loving dear woman

Tenderly upon uour gardens damp

enraptured ache

sweet sleek loving undulations

Love the way 

Love the way

She rides

She rides she rides she rides and rides

adeptly, ardently, gregariously, free spiritedly

damply like stars damply like stars

Upon a horses glowing saddle

In the middle of a beachshore

She spreads her gardens wings

to feel the oceans rapt flowers

they feel her loves ecstatic tender moan emanating from her

awed wave blessed garden

Damply like stars upon a horses glowing saddle

Her rapt summer garden

moaning with awed damp flowers

Love the way Love the way

Love the way She rides she rides and rides

Lady you're my raspberry now

You're my raspberry now

A sweet one that enjoys itself

Enjoy yourself in your sweet

Delectable fishnets

Or you can leave them on

I think you look ravishing in them

So go on twirl

So go on and twirl

Twirl and effing twirl

Twirl it good woman

Twirl it good Majesty

Twirl it effing good

Twirl it effing good 

Majesty Twirl it effing good

I still want to kiss it  and each

Your thighs and each your thighs

And each your thighs 

Madge twirl it effing effing good

Till your thighs feel it deep Till your

Thighs feel it effing good

Till your thighs feel it deep as your

Islands  as your garden do Madonna

We would be great friends

And great loving lovers




She rides effortlessly like waves

thrusts by the suns warm prowess

 Love the way She rides the waves of love

With a dancers summertime

wild free spirit and a sparrows

tender grace

She is so lovely sexy witty and really sweet the soul kisses

I feel her poignant warmth 

When she Sings

She's so warm 

I can feel her gardens dampness

Its loving warmth

I can feel her gardens loving warmth

It's loving warmth

Sometimes it seems she's too good to be true

Her cool her warmth 

I'd love  to take a nap with her

With her fishnets on or not

She could read to me a book or something or sing sanctuary


I can feel the melodies of her

I can feel the melodies of her

rapt  garden pouring

pouring damply Pouring exotically

Pouring adamantly

Pouring loosely

Its soul kissed wine

Its tear kissed honey

Her lovely loving aching  sching garden

She goes deep 

So i go deep with these melodic kisses for her loving pleasure

Pouring  its sweet honey

Like ecstatic loving rain

I feel it lady I feel it lovely

Sensuous  lady

It's endearments

Appreciated by these deep melodic kisses

For your gardens soaking love

Loving lady 

For your melodious gardens soaking love



Meekly, boldly, entrancingly and sleekly

sweet sleek loving undulations

Sweet sleek warm loving undulations

Her garden has become more of itself

Her garden has become

more than itself

Her garden has become 

Ravishments kissed

One kiss there lovely garden

Onr kiss there aching garden

one kiss there damp awed garden

And a bevy of more resolute undulant kisses upon that now glistening garden

Throbbing with exquisite  damp ecstasies the deep ones you can feel

So deep lady you moan in sweet song

Down there all the way to your loving heart to the aching lips of your

Awed appreciative and warmly lit garden

Effing dolphin tune kissed

Open to dolphin tunes

Open to dolphin tunes to assauge her

endearing lispy moan

her garden 


Her garden damply moans 

in sweet tender song

More of the relieving damp sleek ocean

More of the relieving damp sleek ocean

More of that sleek dolphin

More of the suns full thrust

Within her awed gardens

Ecstatic rivers release

More of that dolphins relieving tune

Her awed trilling garden

Besodden with an ethereal honey

Stars dancing 

Stars dancing


She herself dancing

Love her dancing

love her thighs their voluptous  warmth

i can feel her aching garden pouring

soulfully when she sings

Her voice is so lovely



Dolphins dancing

even the dolphins love her dancing

Flowers dancing 

twirling  dear kisses upon the 

sweet lips of her  feverish garden

So she can feel the souls kiss

Upon it upon that effing melodious

loving garden it's the sweet kind

Between her awed gardens flowers 


Stars resolutely dancing

Dolphins jovially dancing

flowers fervently dancing

between her awed gardens sweet

warm moan

the caring dolphins tune

The loving dolphins tune

the waves of its love

the ethereal waves of its reverence

for that showering loving melodic


The loving rapt dolphins tune

Sleekly sleekly sleeky adroitly

all over her all over that tender


all over her

all over her

her garden pleasantly damply delighted

her damp garden exotically poetically


all over her  all over that sensuous garden All over that sensuous drenched garden all over that sensuous drenched aching garden with relieving loving kisses she is that lovely

all over her

all over her

Sleekly just how she longed

Just how she lovingly longed

Between twilights

Between sunsets

Between twilights

Between the space between

Her lavendar crowned translucent 


All the way down to her riveted aching

Damp garden

The loving adept dolphins Starlit


It's Riveting flourishes

Between kisses

Between her lips Between her legs

Upon each of her voluptuous thighs

And resonatingly besodden damp garden

Between the lips of her wondrous aching garden

Between kisses Between tear loved kisses upon it Upon that lush damp

Garden  she can feel the love she is so 

Warm soulful and fine

She is so Warm soulful and fine

She is so warm drenched with

the warmth of raspberries and fine

love yourself lady legs loosened

warmth embraced i want to feel you twirling sweet lady i want to feel you

Twirling your garden that effing

Loving garden

Upon its  honey rivulets sanctity

Between her gardens throbbing embracing

Sleek damp moans and warm sighs

Between our same love filling moon

To unfill and fill her loving aching

Melodiously pouring garden

To unseal and seal the rapt

Ecstasy Between her gardens full

Damp lips with these dear deep

Rhythmic everlasting dolphin



Reynaldo Casison


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