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  1. Are you still writing your book concerning our Madonna Fan Club..If so when will it be for sale?

  2. Am now a lifetime member!!!!! freaking out!!!!

  3. I can't believe I'm missing this show.

  4. Yes, well I have several, actually. Ill send you them in a sec!

  5. Markrheck@yahoo.com !! Got my pic ready to enter for Sunday night. Did u end up going w/ the tattoo hand holding yr ticket? Ahhh so excited! :)

  6. contest baby! i will dance all night if i get gt tickets!

  7. omg i just saw your message to me! whats your email? ill send you a few im thinking about

  8. I'll help u pick out ur contest pic! I have mine ready...

  9. Loving these clips!!! When I get this album I will be blastin it!

  10. Thanks for adding me y'all!! <3

  11. Dallas 2012!!!! I can't wait to Celebrate!