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  1. Proud to be an Iconer

    1. truedance


      hi! nice men 5 stars for u ;) I proud to be Iconer 2

  2. All the best in 2012!

  3. Hey, pretty busy these days but I am ok, cant wait till the madness begins

  4. Of course I am :-) ICON and Johann are the best!

  5. Hey J, I came yesterday home - I was in Prague and right now I am trying to get back to normal :-)

  6. And of course ... welcome!

  7. Enjoy your time here!

  8. Thx, its my fav era too

  9. Welcome, new fellow Iconer

  10. Enjoy your vacation :-)

  11. Of course I did ;-) have a greet week!

  12. You can mail me, its on my profile page

  13. Hey I wanted to message you but cant, no button for it ...

  14. Hope all its ok!

  15. Good start of the new week!

  16. Ultra good wishes!

  17. Enjoy your day! Papa Dont Preach ... that was soooo long time ago.

  18. Thank you for add! Are we sharing the same M experiences? ;-)

  19. Enjoy your weekend!

  20. The spring is here and Icon is still the best place to be:-)

  21. Brian, hello from Cro ;-)