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  1. Hello, I have been unable to access the forums for some time now. I keep getting an error every time I try. Can you please help.

  2. Hello, The last 3 weeks I am also unable to access nor comment in any Forum. Can you please fix the problem???

  3. the last 2 weeks can't read the forums what's up?

  4. the last 2 weeks can't read the forums what's up?

  5. Can you ask Madonna this? Is madonna only starting an orphanage in malawi as part of a long term strategy to subvert the local population into the jewish linked faith Kabalaha (however its spelt), so that in the future the precious natural water resource of this country may be either baught/sold cheaply or controlled by people linked to kabalaha or a jewish linked faith?

  6. I am unable to access the forums. Could someone explain why or fix the problem? Thank you.

  7. I purchased live pass AGES AGO and have not been able to access the forums ever. Can someone please help, PLEASE!

  8. Hi!

    I am not able to access any of the Forums, posts. Can you fix this problem?

  9. Hi, I am unable to access nor comment any of the forums :.o( Can you help fix the problem, please.

  10. Hello, I am unable to access nor comment in any Forum. Can you please fix the problem? By the way, the email address of forum administrator is not working.

  11. vafa

    Hi, can you pls tell me if Icon Member gift Broken 12 Vinyl was shipped or not, i have never received it.

    Also can you provide with any contact email address, have problems with display name, need to fix it

  12. djd




  13. I agree with other posters about the ICON membership and Live Pass being crap! I don't care about the 'free' gift, I just wanted to get tickets to the Las Vegas show. I logged in as soon as the presale opened and tried for almost 2 hours, I wasn't able to get tickets. Then it said Icon allotment gone. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!!! I guess I'll try my luck at ...

  14. I purchased a presale code to buy tickets to the 9/6/12 NYC show and bought 2 tickets (of the 4 total allowance) in hopes of buying 2 more for a later NYC date, assuming one would be added. Thankfully, the 9/8 show was added but come to find out, my code expired less than 24 hrs after I bought it and am told I have to purchase another code if I want to buy 2 more tickets. This is pretty crappy.

  15. Madonna has never performed in New Orleans. I have always loved her. I desperately want 2 tickets in the front row or at least within the 1st 10 rows. Madonna & I are around the same age. She was a one woman revolution . Madonna changed the way many viewed people who are different. I will always admire & love her for her courage &of coarse her amazing talent.Pls email any suggestio...