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Trump acts like a N. Korean dictator instead of the president of the United States



As I watch Trump in the last few days I am disgusted with his demeanor and his actions in the last 7 days of his presidency, he acts more like a dictator than the president of the United States. I believe that he will use fear, intimidation with impunity towards anyone who speaks out against him he is not a man of integrity and will say and do whatever he wants by using the pretense that he is doing it all for the people of America.
I stand by your words and actions on the day of his inaugural, I believe this man is not mentally fit to be the president and his actions if not checked will divide us along racial lines, I also believe that he has already made the streets of America an even more dangerous place since taking office. I ask you to sign the petitions available on the "White House" web site calling for the impeachment and/or the resignation of this guy from the most highest office of the land.

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Madonna, I have stated clearly here in Australia you are the best leader (if you choose), to lead the US and unite the World after Trump.  I don't know if you will get this msg tho this is one of many bits of info that could inspire you?  I know it will motivate you!  A Ray of Light of - HOPE, I hope you find time to learn more about.  http://www.geofflawtononline.com/videos/video/7-apocalypse-or-abundance/


Thank you for your inspiration, dedication and powerful soul :) x

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