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Selling RIAA Certified Award For Vougue

In May of 2012, I donated money to the Trevor Thomas for congress campaign.
They were doing a give away that I ended up winning.


The give away was for the original and rare RIAA-Certified Double Platinum Award For Madonna's Vogue, that was given to the former head of SIRE Record Howie Klein.


I am now wanting to sell the award and not sure how one prices something like this...
I see a bunch of remakes and regular awards online, but not any originals that were awarded to people.


Do I sell it on Ebay, are there special sites that sell Madonna Memorabilia, does anyone know how to Value this?


If you google Howie Klein and Vogue you will see a number of site that show the giveaway.
I have pasted three of them below.








If you have any information, email me at robb1gr@charter.net




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