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4th of August 2014



It all happened so fast .......


it's been three months now we are in turkey. We ran away from a place called home that also could kill us..... Iran-Tehran.

people not accepting our behavior, our family turned there back on us.

little hope we have that someday we will be able to just live and not be scared of dying, the hard thing is that the person that could kill us might be our loved ones.

I believe that Gay men and Women and all the LGBT community are the most strongest people in the whole world.

just imagine a mother telling his own son i hope you get hit by a car, i wish you go out and never to return.

i had no idea were to start from and i have no idea how to end it.....

It's so Hard to live......

i loved Madonna since i was 13 years old and i still love her.

her music gives me courage.

i just wanted to speak to her somehow and i ended up here.....

so hard to carry your life here in Turkey.


more to come on my next post.


Thanks and love u


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Sorry to hear what you are going through.  Just remember that at the end you are a better person than the ones who are trying to hurt you.  Please don't give up.

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The Life sometime put us in some difficult for we learn something. Don't give up, fighting for your dreams, when you think to give up, thinking our queen how much She fought for to be where She is. 

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