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    www.Madonnathon.com Proudly Presents:   MDNATHON 2013   It's going be a nonstop MDNA Dance-Floor event, with MDNA giveaways all night long, Courtesy of Interscope Records and Madonnasworld.com.   at STUDIO TWENTY ONE 59 WEST 21st STREET, (between 5th and 6th Ave) NEW YORK, NY 10010   NO COVER!   MDNA drink specials and much more!!   SPECIAL GUEST DJs DJ Jene and DJ Hunty will provide the music.   Show your Madonna love !   Wear your best Madonna gear for a chance to win even more prizes! Don't miss it!   RSVP HERE https://www.facebook.com/events/659129150794023/

Just a strong gossip

It was a false warning about Madonna's coming to Brazil on last Tuesday. As you know M is in London with her new 'boy friend'. According to Fuxico.com ( a Brazilian Gossip website) Madonna was seen leaving the club Aura in the neighborhood of Mayfair, London, early on Thursday (6), with her new boyfriend, dancer Brahim Zaibat. The dancer was wearing the hood of his sweatshirt to try to hide his face and M dressed in a black leather jacket and sunglasses. But if you see the picture below, that guy doesn't look like Brahim but her dancer William "Norman" Charlemoine     Some gossipers do say that Madonna may come to Brazil on next Saturday!!!! Oh Gosh!




Vote : Queen of POP

Vote: Queen of Pop German-Franco culture TV channel ARTE are asking fans to vote for who they think is the ultimate Queen of Pop!Fans have a choice to vote for a singer from each decade - Madonna can be found in the 80's. At the end of the vote the channel will show 10 documentaries of 10 winners - and then they will have a big show at the end where you can vote for the ulimate winner. Visit queensofpop.arte.tv to vote for Madonna (in the 1980's).  





According to Diario Catarinense (a newspaper from Santa Catarina SC State in Brazil), Madonna is coming to Florianopolis SC - Brazil today with her friend DJ Paul Oakenfold. Andrew Shack ex-president of Capitol Records has confirmed that breaking news.
Tonight DJ Paul is gonna play at Gree Valley Club in Florianopolis SC- Brazil Source: MOL.com.br http://madonnaonline.virgula.uol.com.br/noticias/noticia_rss.asp?cod=6699




Love doesn't have age

What is the secret of the big boys? After a wave of much older men with young girls 20, 30 years younger, it's time of the women give change. The new breed of women - some fifties, some not - has elected as boyfriends and husbands some men younger than them, just enough to show that they can, they also have the right "to parade around" with their "babies" .

To endorse that theory above, recently the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) released a survey showing that an increasing number of women have married younger men in Brazil. 19.3% of women broke with tradition and married young lovers in 1999, 24% had the same "courage"in 2009. 4% may seem low, but such unions were 935,116 last year. Also according to the survey, is in Amapa ( a Brazilian State) where that kind of romance is the most common. Madonna and Jesus Luz: The dating has ended up, but there was much talk about this romance. In late 2008, the pop star came to Brazil to promote the tour, "Sticky & Sweet" and, during her visit, was photographed for a magazine with a model - until then - unknown. And who could imagine that the editorial would become a dating? Soon after the marriage of nearly eight years with Guy Ritchie, our queen showed to the world that had "snagged"  the model of only 23. What are 29 years apart, isn't it? Nowadays, according some magazines and newspapers, Madonna is dating Brahim Zaibat 24. Source: MSN Entretenimento




Where is Madonna?

The Canadian music channel, Much Music, chose the video "Bad Romance, Lady Gaga, as the best video of the decade. Among the thousands of productions, the song stood out for its great popularity and influence worldwide, according to the network.
In the second place of video's decade is Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) from Beyonce. I've missed Madonna, but that's okay, she's the artist of the 20th century and also the 21st century.  Following are the 20 best music videos of the decade, according to Much Music:
01. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
02. Beyoncé – Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
03. Eminem feat. Dido – Stan
04. Feist – 1234
05. Kanye West – Jesus Walks
06. Hedley – Perfect
07. Fatboy Slim – Weapon Of Choice
08. Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends
09. OK GO – Here It Goes Again
10. Britney Spears – Toxic
11. Marianas Trench – Celebrity Status
12. Missy Elliott feat. Ludacris – Gossip Folks
13. Coldplay – The Scientist
14. Billy Talent – Fallen Leaves
15. The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl
16. Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – Umbrella
17. Gorillaz – Stylo
18. Christina Aguilera – Beautiful
19. Major Lazer feat. Nina Sky & Ricky Blaze – Keep It Goin’ Louder
20. Sum 41 – Fat Lip / Pain For Pleasure Source: ofuxico.com.br  




My first time here

Hi! I'm Melisa,and such a huge fan of Madge.I'm fan of her about 10 years ago.But this is my first time I log in her website.I hope that here I can met amazing people. You can also follow me on :  Twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/melisamadonna Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/meelooon Tumblr : http://express--yourself.tumblr.com/ Msn Account : melisa_ortiz009@hotmail.com  Well I hope someone follow me  





Cheers to a great year ! Final stats from 2010 are here ! 2,531,702 (two point five million) people tuned in to Madonna Radio (dot com) during 2010, world wide. Argentina tuned in the most with 3 consecutive months of majority listening.   Argentina tuned in to www.MadonnaRadio.com the most, for 3 consecutive months   Top countries tuning in during 2010; January and February 2010, Canada tuned in the most. The United States tuned in the most during March and April 2010. In May and June France held the majority of listeners. July and August had a return of the United States tuning in the most. Estonia tuned in more than any country during September 2010 (also known as “Leaky Month”) Argentina held the top listening spots for 3 consecutive months, in October (270,247 world-wide), November (248,471 world-wide) and December 2010 (235,243 world-wide.) ! 2010 was an amazing year of interaction. www.Facebook.com/MadonnaRadio was a focus from the beginning of 2010 (and continues today), the number of fellow fans jumped from over four thousand to just over six thousand people.  www.Twitter.com/MadonnaRadio remained below a thousand during 2010. www.Soundcloud.com/MadonnaRadio was a fun venture during 2010 (and is still great fun), 102,403 listeners tuned in to Soundcloud.com/MadonnaRadio with the most listeners tuning in from the United States and Turkey. Madonna Web Radio was an interesting twist, the Soundcloud songs are funneled through madonnawebradio.blogspot.com first then automatically distributed to Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. iLike was a focus as we launched an App in the iTunes App store, The App from iLike was experimental (the most questions asked were: “How do I download?”), tens of thousands installed the free app. Ultimately, the iLike App was interesting. The songs are located at www.madonnaremixes.com. We watched a major transformation on the Eve of 2011, AbsolumentMadonna.fr transformed into www.MadonnaRama.com. We entered into a partnership agreement with Madonna Rama. Madonna was somewhat active during 2010, mostly quiet. The most fun was Dolce & Gabbana and Madonna challenged us with a “No-Gossip” campaign when she appeared via satellite on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Madonna entered the fitness industry on a Global scale, opening her first “Hard Candy Fitness Center” in Mexico City, Mexico in November 2010 (We’ll see a second opening in Moscow during March 2011). Finally, Madonna sent out a message to us about new music ! Here’s what she wrote: Special Statement From Madonna “Its official! I need to move. I need to sweat. I need to make new music! Music I can dance to. I’m on the look out for the maddest, sickest, most bad ass people to collaborate with. I’m just saying……” – Madonna




Capricorn Horoscope for January 2011

The solar eclipse in Capricorn, due January 4, will offer you a glittering array of opportunities to make your life feel fresher and more relevant to the more mature you that you've become. You had little choice but to listen to quite a bit advice from various sources over the past 18 months, but this month, birthday time, you have the Sun protecting you, so you will get to speak your mind clearly and confidently.

You will also have the comforting assurance that others will be listening and responding to your thoughts, and you won't have to compromise as much as you have had to do in the past. Rather than have to dilute your plans, you can push your ideas through in purest form.

Through all your trials, you may have underestimated the strength of your character, but you soon found out you would never topple in a storm. Your courage certainly has inspired admiration from those around you. You've been in the valley, climbed the mountain, kayaked the rapids, crossed the ravine, and survived the desert. All this happened in the past 18 months, and not only are you still standing, you feel like Jack the Giant Killer! Now, having proven you can endure the gauntlet, relief is on the way with the arrival of the solar eclipse, January 4.

This eclipse will show you that not all eclipses are tough - some bring rewards. Sometimes an eclipse will ask you to give up something in exchange for something else, but even if that should happen (I don't think it will, but if it does), know that the something better is on the way, and it will make you very happy.

As you stand poised to enter 2011, you are looking at a vastly improved picture. New moon solar eclipses, like this one due January 4, open doors and bring up surprise developments that can be intriguing and exciting. Be sure to investigate all the proposals that are offered you, for one will likely stand out as especially right for you.

As you begin the month, your first house of personality will be packed with planets, and that's great, for that house is considered the most powerful house of the horoscope. That house describes the real "you" including your personality, outlook, drive, determination, and desires, and those will take top billing.

Among the planets in the first house is Mars, now in Capricorn, and because Mars will be so close to the eclipse point tells me that you won't have to wait long before you see things happen. Mars is like the gas on the stove that you switch on to get things cooking - Mars is busy preparing things now! Fortunately Mars will be with you until January 15. This will give you an enormous advantage, for when Mars comes by, he helps you start a new and vital two-year cycle.

When you have Mars in your sign, you have another benefit in that you can direct Mars' energy in any way you please, into any area of life. Usually that is not the case, but is possible ONLY when Mars is in your own sign of Capricorn as it will be from January 1 to 15. These days, you are the leader of the parade. If you know the childhood game of Simple Simon ("When I do something, you have to mirror exactly what I do,") then you know how powerful this phase can be.

You've been anxious to set certain personal plans into place since early December, but with Mars' friend, Mercury, creating havoc, confusion, reversals, and delays last month, it was no time to set anything in stone. Mercury was retrograde, so you quickly saw you had little choice but to wait. On December 30, Mercury regulated its orbit and went direct speed, and he will stay in strong shape during the coming three months. Now, at last, all the pieces of your puzzle are falling into place.

You are in an enviable position. Along with Mars, you have the Sun and new moon solar eclipse on January 4, and Pluto, the planet of transformation and regeneration, all in Capricorn. That's a lot of energy to have supporting you, and so you'll have control and clout.

Saturn may set up an obstacle at this eclipse, January 4, so you may be trying to sort out a career question that has been gnawing at you for a while. While you may be stymied, I feel your situation will gradually improve, but the caveat is that you must take steps - even if they are baby steps - to move to a new direction. The old methods won't work well now, for the times have changed. Saturn's appearance always suggests that we have to try new strategies and tactics to get ahead.

If you were born on January 4, plus or minus four days, you will feel the affects of this eclipse the most.

There will also be another very special aspect happening separately on January 4, involving a rare and magnificent meeting of Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, and Uranus planet of surprise. Jupiter is getting ready to leave Pisces after having spent the better part of 2010 in that constellation. At the eclipse he will only have two weeks left in Pisces, so he is making his goodbyes to all the other planets.

Uranus has been in Pisces too, and he has been in this sign even longer, since 2003. Uranus is packing his bags too, and will make his departure in early March. These two dignitaries will not be seen together again in Pisces in your lifetime, for Uranus takes 84 years to revolve around the Sun (and return to Pisces) and Jupiter takes 12 years to make the same journey. The next time they meet, it will be in Taurus in April 2024. They will not meet in Pisces, however, until 2093.

Before these two powerhouses make their exit from Pisces, they are planning a big blowout party for you, and the happy fireworks they are planning will light up the night sky. On January 4, when Uranus (surprises) aligns perfectly with Jupiter (giver of gifts, luck, happiness, and expansion) in an exceedingly rare conjunction, while both are moving in direct speed, they can and will bring you much to celebrate. I will give you some possible examples of outcomes.

Jupiter and Uranus will meet in your third house of communication, travel, and agreement on that day of January 4, so this is the area that will be special for you. You may see several of types of opportunities come up, and you may benefit from one or more of these areas, as they are not mutually exclusive!

The first possibility is that you may travel spontaneously, perhaps for business. I say that because whenever Jupiter is involved, money seems to follow. If you travel to see a client near January 4, you will likely come back with the purchase order. If you are traveling for fun or to have a romantic getaway with your beloved, it looks as though you will be in a luxury-minded mood. Good! That's as it should be! Choose an old, beautiful estate or historic hotel (Capricorn) that is near mountains (Capricorn) and overlooking water (Pisces).

You may be asked to sign a contract in January, and if so, generally, you would like the terms of the deal. If you do need to sign, look things over, consult an attorney, and be ready to sign on January 13 when Mars in Capricorn will be in perfect angle to Jupiter. You would hear about the contract, however, earlier, near January 4. I would not sign directly on an eclipse date, however, as that day is usually filled with static, and the eclipse will bring further news in the days to follow. Wait if you can, until January 13.

One very bad time to sign a contract would be January 10, plus or minus one day, when Mercury will be arguing with Uranus. I can think of no worse day to sign!

Any industry that deals with communication will glow brightly. You may be given the green light on a big publishing, Internet, or broadcasting venture, and if so, that would be exciting to get involved in. All of the communication arts are being called into play by this outstanding aspect involving Jupiter and Uranus. Included, for example, are positions or assignments involving writing, speaking, editing, proofing, researching, selling, marketing, public relations, or advertising. If any of these fit your plans, dive in!

This means if you've always wanted to write a book or sell a screenplay, have your own TV show, or launch a big publicity campaign, see if you can arrange meetings or send proposals soon. If you are already approved to lift off, be confident, for you've got the support of a whole solar system behind you.

The third house rules siblings, so keep up with your sister and brother during this month - they may have news to share. If you are hoping to create a business with your sibling, buy property, or do anything else with your brother or sister, such as to plan a surprise party for your parents, it will be under wildly wonderful vibrations.

Keep in mind that whenever you see Uranus involved, there is a surprise twist. Whatever you THINK will happen won't - something else will! The outcome is always something you're not looking at and would least expect, but in this case is far better than anything you thought would happen.

Your partner will be highlighted later, at the full moon, January 19. While you may have had problems with a partner in the past (in your personal life or in business, such as a manager, agent, or full business partner) you won't have any problems now - only luck! This full moon will be filled with sunshine! The reason I say that is the Sun and Jupiter will be at perfect angles, suggesting you may get a sum of money at this time, within four days of the full moon.

The closer your birthday falls to January 19 (within four days), the more likely you will feel the effects of this lovely full moon.

It would be lovely if you did get a sum of cash in one lump, as Mars will enter your income and spending sector (solar second house) from January 15 to February 22. When Mars arrives, it appears your expenses will almost instantly rise. Perhaps you WILL get the money I see coming to you earlier in the month, near the eclipse of January 4, the reason you may be spending a significant amount later.

Topping your list of things to buy soon seems to be something electronic, and I say that because of planets beginning to stack up in Aquarius, a sign that rules electrical, futuristic inventions. If you can wait until Mercury reaches the mathematical degree it held on the date it went retrograde on December 10, things will go better - that date to start shopping for high-ticket items would be January 13.

Or, even better, later you may consider going to make your purchase on January 17 or 19. I love January 17 for shopping for electronics because the Sun and Uranus will collaborate brilliantly. Uranus rules high tech, electronics, or anything electrical or with moving parts, so this would be a perfect day. The full moon of January 19 is just wonderful too, so you can use that date as well.

On the other hand, if you are a Mac addict like I am, you will need to wait for the announcements of Steve Jobs at MacWorld, January 26-29. In that case, waiting for the glorious new moon in Aquarius, February 2, would be best of all.

A rather unusual circumstance is going on in January in that every planet in our solar system is going direct from January 1 to 25. I have not seen such a long and productive period at play in years. Actually, some years you don't get even one day when ALL the planets are going direct. The big outer planets like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto go retrograde for more than four months at a time straight, so right there you see how hard it is to find any dates as special as what is happening in January.

Once you get to January 26, Saturn, your ruler, will go retrograde until June 12. Once this happens, you won't find that you have the same kind of favor, and things will be harder to get your way. Having your ruler in top form is very important for success. It's essential that you seal deals early in January - I would say you should aim for a finish by the full moon, January 19, plus or minus three days, which will be such a sweet moment for you this month.

When any planet retrogrades, it becomes weak. It sleeps, and it withholds its most potent powers. That's why when choosing a day to initiate a big project, it's necessary to get a day that has as much strength to offer as possible.

There is more big news, and it involves the move of Jupiter into Aries on January 22, to stay until June 4. This may be a short window of opportunity, but wow, is it powerful. Jupiter will not go retrograde at all during this phase, and with Jupiter moving as fast as a speeding bullet, you will have to be very decisive when the perfect space comes up, or it will be gone as fast as you find it. On the other hand, do not settle for anything less than what you truly want, for you need not settle. This is your best part of your chart! If you are hoping to sell a space or house, then do so after January 22. You will likely get your price.

You will feel the full force of this aspect in coming weeks and months, particularly in April and May, but you can take full advantage of it whenever you like! Jupiter in Aries will help you find a wonderful home residence solution, whether you want to move, buy new property, or renovate or decorate your present space. (I will add that Mercury will be retrograde from March 30 to April 23, not the time to make any big initiatives!) This is the area where wishes will come true, so realize this is the very best part of your chart! If you move, you will find a sunny, spacious place to live, but you can find lovely ways to use this on a small scale, too. You and I will talk more about this in weeks ahead, but you can start thinking now of how you'd like to use this.

In terms of your career, with Jupiter in the fourth house of home, opposite your career and honors sector on the horoscope wheel, beaming energy to your career house, you will get some good energy from Jupiter to help you in your career.

Ever since Saturn entered your professional tenth house October 29, 2009, to stay until April 7, 2010, and then returned for a longer stay, July 21, 2010, and is not scheduled to leave until October 4, 2011, you were forced to think about the changes you want to make to improve to your professional status. Jupiter will help you by pinging energy straight up to your career house, as this is what often happens when you have planets positioned as you do. Energy pings back and forth between the two houses. You won't notice much change until Jupiter moves into your house of home on January 22. You should see some important improvement as soon as late April, after the full moon, and after Mercury goes direct, April 23. You have had a hard time, but help is on the way.

Romantically, your most enchanting part of the month for love will be when Venus tours Scorpio, a water sign that blends beautifully with your Capricorn Sun. Venus will only be in that sign for six full days, January 1 to 6, as it had glided through this sign in December, too.

Your best romantic experiences will be those you have when on a short trip. You need not go far, nor do you need to stay long. If you are on a budget, stay only one night, but you should choose a really charming bed and breakfast or very old and historic hotel, as I had described earlier. You will want a touch of luxury and pampering, and considering the past 18 months, I feel you deserve it!

The magical and enchanting meeting of Jupiter and Uranus will take place January 4, getting my vote for the most romantic day in the month. If you can travel, so much the better, but if not, send a romantic text to your beloved, at the very least.


A new day is dawning, dear Capricorn. It's time to decide what you want to happen next in your life, for the solar eclipse of January 4 in Capricorn will help you put the pieces of your puzzle in place. You've been through quite a number of eclipses last year and the year before that, and since July 2009 you've seen your life change, possibly radically.

With this eclipse, you will see your talents and abilities in daylight and can plan your new life with greater certainty. Your career may be on your mind now too, and you may have to plot a new course in the light of changes that occurred as far back as mid-2009. It's never too late to start anew, so forge ahead with a spirit of adventure.

Keep in mind that your ruler, Saturn, is about to retrograde from January 26 onward. Complete the plans that are dearest to you now while your aspects sparkle brightly. After January 26, you will need to concentrate on projects you have already put on your plate, and not new ventures. This will be true until Saturn goes direct on June 13. If there is someone new you need to present an idea to, hurry! See that person VERY soon!

A surprise trip may come up on January 4, 12, 13, or 17. Alternatively, you may receive an important communication to read or contract to study. You may also be sending out key documents. Anything that comes up near an eclipse (January 4) has greater import than at other times of the year, so take all the offers you get seriously and investigate the details. Those Capricorns born in the first week of January and near January 19 will be the most affected by events this month.

Financially, you appear to be going into a high spending period from January 15 to February 23. If you are going through a lifestyle change, such as to get married, buy a new house, move, start a business, or have a child, you already expect to spend more than usual. If you have no idea what expenses may come up, you may want to scale back until this phase is over. You will have one sensational financial day, January 17, when you may hit a breakthrough when you least expect it to happen.

Romantically, your best time of the month will come in the first week of January, when Venus, ruler of your fifth house of love, will be in compatible Scorpio. If single, your friends will be willing matchmakers but you must enlist them to your cause. If you are attached, you will get the closure about an issue you've discussed with your partner within days of January 19. Although your relationship seems not to have always gone smoothly in the past, this full moon will be friendly, so you will probably be happy about the way things turn out.

Capricorn Dates to Note:

The solar eclipse will allow a new road to open before you, and you will now begin to see yourself in a new light. Pay special attention to all that happens in the days clustered after January 4.

If your birthday falls near that date, you will find your whole year is filled with fresh starts.

Spend time thinking about the next steps you want to take in your career. This is the area of greatest change, as well as greatest potential growth. Adjustments may be hard at times, but well worth the effort if you are earnest in your intent.

Spontaneous travel is one of the happy features of January. When opportunity strikes on January 4, 12, 13, or 17 - go!

You will enter a high spending period while Mars enters Aquarius, January 15 to February 23.

Good financial news should come January 17, out of thin air!

Your ruler, Saturn, will go retrograde on January 26. Get all-important business done prior to this date.

A relationship will culminate or bring closure on January 19, plus or minus four days.

Your most romantic dates will occur in the first week, January 1-7. Other good days will occur on January 8-9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 21, 22, and 25.

By Susan Miller




Rio Olimpic Games 2016

Presented to the public on Friday (31) during the celebration of New Year's Eve on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, the 2016 Olympics logo is inspired, according to its creators, a major city's postcards that will receive the games: Pão de Açucar (Sugar Bread). I am a Brazilian guy and live in Sao Paulo state, but of course I've already been in Rio de Janeiro. It was in my 2008 vacation. The city is wonderful and full of beautiful views. See my pictures: Cristo Redentor - Morro do Corcovado  Walking on Copacabana beach  Copacabana beach  Copacabana Palace, where Madonna stayed during her S&STour




Madame Tussauds of Bangkok

The wax museum Madame Tussauds in Bangkok put on display a new statue of Madonna. This time it came on the scene the look of S & S tour. 





Aguilera didn't used to watch Madonna's videos

The Los Angeles Confidential magazine brought an interview with Christina Aguilera, who has a birthday 30th of this month. The singer said some aspects of her childhood, including that she could not watch the video clips of Madonna by content spicy and erotic appeal they had.

"When I was a girl, could not watch videos of Cher and Madonna as they had content inappropriate for my age, but I grew up, and have already made several videos, including a spicy called "Dirrty"! Source:minsane.com.br




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Happy New Year!!!

Hello Iconers!
Happy New Year 2011 to all of you! Let's celebrate! Madonna style! I have  feeling this whole yr will be nothing but Madonna from month to month! lol I hope! 2010 sucked balls!! except having the Madonna demos flying out everywhere!! YAAAAAY!
Wishing everyone a wonderful 2011!!!

much love, Rachey love and hugs!











See the research on www.clickliverpool.com A great compliment to Madonna! I think this is the same when done in Europe or the US. The top ten celebs of the decade according to the number of mentions in the UK national press are:

Madonna - 46,017
Simon Cowell - 29,888
Robbie Williams - 28,563
Kate Moss - 28,056
Britney Spears - 27,588
Victoria Beckham - 25,833
David Beckham (excluding sports pages) - 24,953
Michael Jackson - 24,688
Sir Paul McCartney - 21,556
Kylie Minogue - 19,694




Happy 2011! NEW YEAR'S DAY

The First Day of 2011! Welcome to a new year, new beginning for us. I hope a new beginning for Madonna too.... I want to wish all my friends here on Icon Social a wonderful 2011, and hope you are going to have a fantastic year coming up for you all. Madonna's W.E. is in the works and we can expect that from her this year--hopefully. And she wants to get back in the studio......that's news! She needs to finish up her contract with Live Nation--which  means TOURS! I can't wait to see what she has in store for us in 2011!     Love to All.... Kel